Blu-ray Projected to Surpass Digital Dollars

The transition from packaged media to digital distribution for movies and TV shows may be further away than many think.

Sales of Blu-ray titles are projected to increase 150% to $2.9 billion this year from $1.1 billion in 2008, according to research firm Media Control GfK International. That's nearly twice the $1.5 billion generated by digital last year, which included VOD and broadband.

Digital distribution is expected to top $3.5 billion and represent 15% of the home entertainment pie by 2013.

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Raoh3545d ago

the article says it expects blu ray to reach 11% penetration..

another article recently posted just stated that blu ray just reached 16% penetration..

i dont think the writer/analylst is anti blu ray but i think he is undervaluing blu ray's acceptance.

KillzoneKid3545d ago

last week it captured 17% of total marketshare

It is just a matter of time befoe it becomes the standard

Magna Farta3545d ago

I think it says a little about DD, I think it works fairly well, but people don't entirely trust it, and for good reason.

If my money's going anywhere I want something to show for it.

KillzoneKid3545d ago

Blu Ray will be around for another 10 years

DD will be a replacement for rentals but will never become anything mainstream

Blu ray increased its market penetration last week in USA

Zeevious3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Direct Download/Streaming is for renting

Blu-Ray physical media is for buying.

Blu-Ray media that comes with a digital copy is the best choice, and should be the standard, not exception.

That alone...high-definition physical media with a portable digital copy included is Blu-Ray & Direct Download all in one.

Direct Downloads and to some extent renting via NetFlix/Blockbuster aside can't currently compete with that for those who like to own.

They are all alternatives that can peacefully exist with each other, but right now, I've seen few viable solutions that address downloading & creating a physical copy that don't involve a Torrent, the MPAA, and your lawyer.

3545d ago
Huh3545d ago

wow it looks like digital downloads is hd dvds ghost

Zeevious3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

The HD-DVD one was the best...

Just let me get out my, just a minute...
"Was bedeuten Sie DD saugen Esel?" - (smirk)

I always thought the whole format war was stupid...but without the infrastructure to support it, Direct Download VS Blu-Ray is just TOTAL insanity.

Pit that against the many Blu-Ray discs that come with Digital Copies and we've gone from insanity to total f*kin lunacy...and I hate THAT cause' you can't use a remote in a straight-jacket.

Unless it's the one Tom Cruise wears...