Has The PlayStation Home Mania Completely Disappeared?

It's REALLY weird. In late 2008, you couldn't go a single day without seeing a Home headline, but now that is has arrived...guess there's nothing to say.

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Spike473574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

end of story. Besides, the media has to pick on Killzone 2 now although they seem to have a tough time finding something.

HighDefinition3574d ago

Lots of people are always on HOME.

GWAVE3574d ago

Hmmm. If I recall correctly, most of the so-called "headlines" regarding Home last year were about how it would suck, how it would be delayed again, how it wouldn't live up to expectations, how it was a waste of time, and how it wouldn't matter since PSN is teh sux compared to Xbox Live.

Now that Home is out and it pretty much shut the mouths of all those naysayers...yeah, I guess you could say that "there's nothing to say", at least, not along the sames lines at last year's headlines.

Danja3574d ago

exactly 95% of those headlines were all negative , but HOME will keep evolving and I think come this E3 when HOME will shine even more when gamers will be able to attend the event virtually..

plus when all the top publishers start to have there own space/shop in Home.....thats when ppl will realize exactly what Sony is trying to do with Home..

Trollimite3574d ago

E3 2009 will be broadcast live in an identical home space. people will go home crazy when its officially announced

Godmars2903574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Home is only going to evolve and grow from in its "beta" stage. Where XBL can only be re-invented.

But as you point out, much of Home's growth is going to be dependent on 3rd parties. How much effort and resources they're willing to invest.

Blaze9293573d ago

The home as it is right now, IS a waste of time. I only been in Home four times. The last time with a bunch of friends where it got fun etc etc then after that we had no reason to come back becuase it IS a waste of time, nothing to do. What home should be in like the new XMB maybe or something where we just launch into home straightly otherwise I and im sure other people will find no need to boot up Home ever again.

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Raoh3574d ago

expect a spike when EA releases its home space and others take notes from EA...

Gue13574d ago

When I enter Home, Home is full of people everywhere even on game spaces

fafoon3574d ago

When they see your Ugly Mug

Magna Farta3574d ago was flooded with people in all areas, mainly Sully's Bar. Lot's o' people playin some Mercenary madness, for whatever reason, it looks awful.

Never the less, good luck getting into a game of bowling.

Mikelarry3574d ago

is currently lacking any features that would keep me interested. i know sony is working hard to include more features and i respect that. i saw a presentation video in which phill harrison was demonstrating trophies in home and i have to say i cant wait till all these features get included into home.

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