People Should Care More About Versus XIII Than They Seem To

Balloo of Power On, Sound Off shares his confusion at the masses higher interest in Final Fantasy XIII and lack of interest in Versus XIII, which he believes is the project of greater interest.

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Hellsvacancy3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Ive got NO interest in FFXIII id much rather hav Versus anyday

FFXIII looks way to girly for me

Edit. @HD - Thats wot draws me to Versus its got a lot more of an adult theme

HighDefinition3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Peoples interest in FF13 will draw them to FF13V, which look to be the more MATURE game.

MasFlowKiller3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I think Versus appeals more to western audience because its and action RPG,

Made by the team behind Kingdom hearts

but the lack of coverage will hurt it,

i bet if it was going multiplat than sites like kotaku and gametrailers would be praising SE and Versus would probaby be even bigger to them then second coming,lol

its too bad that the media has gone all public with their bias(kotaku, gametrailers)

just look at the lack of coverage on PS3(without counting Killzone 2 ) and wii games.

all and all if Versus was announce to be coming to the 360, i bet the media would hype it.

L Ronald Hubbard3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Versus reminds me of FFVII and VIII. I love the industrial feeling.

FFXIII looks too much like XII.

meepmoopmeep3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

i'm getting BOTH so i win


i'm just a tad bit more interested in Versus just because of the darker feel and mood to the game.
but XIII is not that far from Versus for me personally.

can't wait to play the demo on my Birthday week.

HighDefinition3545d ago

I`ll be playing both. But I`m definitly more excited for Versus.

jwatt3545d ago

I think people do care more about Versus it's just that Final fantsy XIII is coming out first plus it's going to be multiplatform in the states.

PixlSheX3545d ago

I've heard that versus is going to have kingdom hearts battle system. Well that's why i'm far more interested on versus than XIII, but anyway.. i'm getting both too.

sonarus3545d ago

The reason for lack of interest in Versus is no one knows if it will drop in the next 2 yrs. We aren't even sure FFXIII will reach us this yr. Versus could be another yr after that. Maybe its just me but i can't be getting excited for a 2011 game

Doppy3545d ago

I liked Crisis Core's gameplay better than any of the Final Fantasy's, and since FF13vs. is an evolution of that gameplay it's the one for me for sure.

Danja3545d ago

I was always more interested in Versus because one "Nomura" was creating it and he labeled it as "The Dark Version as Kingdom Hearts" that alone got me excited but then the trailer looks like the game will take a more mature approach than say FF13 , and this guy knows how to make a great game so im putting a lil more faith in his game over FF13 which so far has left me under-whelmed .

CommonSense3545d ago

"there was one retaliation I waited to hear put to the voice against the Xbots that no one seemed to voice: FF XIII Versus was still console exclusive to the PS3."

that is ALL the ps3 fanboys had to say. Except the few that threatened to kill themselves. lol

gaffyh3545d ago

I'm getting both, but I am more interested (and was more interested before the Multi-plat announcement) in Versus. Simply because the game looks a lot darker and mature, XIII reminds me of X-2, which is not a good thing. I'll still get it though cos FF is one of the JRPG franchises that is almost always worth buying.

IzKyD13313545d ago

Versus 13 is an M rating, while 13 is a T

N4360G3545d ago

I agree,FFXIII Versus looks much more interesting,I'll be playing both on my PS3 though!!

INehalemEXI3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

No people should not care about this game. They should care about Dissidia atm.

#$#% a game im not going to be able to play in the near future. Sorry maybe if SE was treating us to more vids and screens etc. I would feel different.

Foliage3545d ago

Versus is the Final Fantasy game I've been waiting for since FF8. It is probably one of the titles I am most looking forward to. In fact only Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 might be ahead of it on my list.

Mozilla893545d ago

But Versus is probably not coming out till 2010 or maybe even later so there's no point in talking about it now. But if it has a KH battle system I'm gonna be all over it.

CrazzyMan3545d ago

Both will be great played on PS3.
Both should be cared. =)

king dong3545d ago

why is it, that nearly everyone whos "more interested" in versus is a well known sony fanboy?

come on, you lot act just like the butt-hurt fanboys that you! congrats on showing just how pathetic, and how short your memories are!!!

before ff went multi, it didn't matter what rpg was on the 360 because the ps3 had ff. lol truly pathetic!!!!!!!!

vhero3545d ago

just like with GTA IV on the 360 if you want the complete FF XIII experience you have to play it on the PS3 simple! there is no way around it really. I got my 360 for Star Ocean anyways so I don't really care :p. So I'll be playing FF13 on my ps3 and SO4 on my 360 :p

HighDefinition3545d ago

I don`t deny liking VS more because it`s a PS3 exclusives. PS3 exclusives are better IMO, then multiplats or 360 exclusives.


DLC does NOT make a game complete, if so NO LAST GEN game was ever complete. Which is very sad if you actually believe that. BTW, I think exclusive DLC for ANY system is a horrible idea and should NOT be the way gaming progresses.

gaffyh3545d ago

@king dong - True, most people who say that only decided after the multi-platform announcement, but not everyone did. Some people are naturally Nomura fans (FF7/8, Kingdom Hearts maker), and some people just like the more mature look to the game.

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Marceles3545d ago

I'm interested in Versus, there's just barely any coverage for it.

ToastyMcNibbles3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

agreed...its hard to get excited about versus whens theres little to no info on it but that doesnt mean people arent interested in it...i know i am...its pretty obvious once theres new footage for it everyone will definitely get excited

Raoh3545d ago

its not lack of interest, its just hard to get excited about a game that is so far off from release.. not to mention squares new love interest with microsoft has me a little suspicious about how much attention square will put into the ps3 exclusive..

OGharryjoysticks3545d ago

Your post seems to sum it up without loose ends.

Good job :)

pippoppow3545d ago

Sony must not be pleased with SE especially since they own a minority share in the company. Would love to hear what's being said in their meetings. Sony has to have some say and influence in the company which leads to to believe that there will be other exclusives besides FF13V to appease their once saviors.

Gue13545d ago

Because it is a PS3 exclusive and no outdated console(aka X360) will prevent the game from fully utilize the Cell power to reach a new level of detail that the X360 only dreams about. This isn't going to be like the PS3 version of FFXIII that it's being downgraded to be on par with the X360 port.

M$ is ruining this gen. They should release the X720 already... Only fools would buy a new system from them anyway. After the RRoD fiasco only the same fools that bought Vista that will buy Windows 7 after being screwed(again) are them same poor souls that will buy the 720.

Bad time to be a bot.

ablecain3545d ago

"I deviate from the norm which most literature tells me is a bad thing( One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and anything by Richard Wright or George Orwell tell me so)"

Is he saying that the norm is a bad thing, or deviating from the norm is a bad thing? Huge difference, especially when you site those three examples