Jack Thompson Begins Anti- Grand Theft Auto IV Crusade // UPDATE

Jack Thompson is losing it. In his latest letter, he begins by referring to himself as "John Thompson, attorney at law", before continuing with his dreadful threats of filing suit to prohibit the sale of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV to miners minors.

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FeralPhoenix4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

I have a 8 yr old son, and I think GTA isn't appropriate for him at his age, however -honestly this guy just sounds crazy and little does he know but he is responsible for at least some of this games notariety/popularity....-LOL, and the truth is that an "M" rating just makes alot of little kids even more curious.....Hell I might just buy the next one just to contribute to GTA's high sales so maybe this guy will realize he should go after some things or people in our society that are much more harmful to our kids....the bottom line is responsible parents will determine whats appropriate for their kids....NOT lawyers or the government. Yes theres alot of outside influence on kids in todays world, but "IF" parents teach their kids whats important "those" influences will become no more than a small distraction.

Balance4255d ago

absolutly correct. This guy is a whack job, what he doesn't realize is that kids don't go into stores and buy GTA. Every kid i have ran across while playing gears of war i asked how they got the game and every single one had their parents buy it for them. GTA is the same way, no matter how they change the law the fact is most (not all but most) get the M rated games because their parents go get it for them. this is a parental issue not a legal one.

calderra4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Yup. Lots of times working at Gamestop, we'd warn parents that a game was REALLY violent, and REALLY not appropraite for their 8-year-old, and despite our objections, they'd buy the game then threaten to sue us a week later.

Kids don't (generally) just buy violent games and play them. Parents buy them, don't supervise their kids properly, then blame it on the industry.

EDIT: And it is a legal issue, in that you shouldn't sell mature products to minors. The issue is that all large retail chains have VERY harsh internal policies on this already, negating the issue. Usually, this involved immediate firing of the employee (and their manager, in many cases) and a hefty fine (in the $thousands, often). Assuming a store followed their policy not to sell to kids, then yes it is mostly a parental issue.

PS360PCROCKS4255d ago

Yeah this guys a moron, who the hell is he anyways? It's not take-two's fault, it's stores and parents for selling/buying it for them...I really want to smack this guy in his face...

THAMMER14255d ago

I make that she is protected from bad influences and that is my job not video game dev. and publishers. Jack Thompson is a @ss hole to the [email protected] GTA will be sold and I will buy it.

iballa4255d ago

This guy has too much time on his hands. What a complete and utter [email protected]!

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The story is too old to be commented.