World of Goo Publisher Files for Bankruptcy Protection

After being tipped off by an industry source, GameDaily BIZ has learned that Brighter Minds Media filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 28. Unlike chapter 7, which involves complete liquidation of the company, chapter 11 bankruptcy will enable Brighter Minds to remain in control of its business while it reorganizes.

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Farsendor13546d ago

things seem to be getting worse

BrunoM3546d ago

thats to bad they are a talented bunch of DEVs .... hope they can make a come back ...

on that note humm who did they work for ? some one that takes care of the devs that make good games right ? ....(sarcasm)

but what ever love the game tho .. really fun and good..

Elven63546d ago

...You know this is the publisher and not the developer right??? It even says so in the title...

DeadGirls3546d ago

Learn how to read.
As Elven6 already pointed out, the article clearly says PUBLISHER not DEVELOPER. This actually has little to do with 2DBoy, the creators of WOG, because they can always negotiate a contract with a new publisher. In fact, Brighter Minds probably only published the Boxed version of this game, the XBL and STEAM versions were independent.

Szarky3546d ago

This is one game I was jealous never made it to the PSN.

BrunoM3546d ago

Yep .. good thing i got a 360 aswel .. .. kinda sad tho that microsoft spends so much money on some STUPID DLCs and didnt try to buy or save the job of some DEVs that have dont one if not DE best XBLA game they have ..

like it or not sony has an amazing number of studios under them and they take care of them ..

but what ever hope they make a come back and make some great games.!

Cheeseknight283546d ago

World of Goo would not work on PSN or XBLA, period. You need a mouse or Wii Remote to perform the quick and precise movements in WoG.

likedamaster3546d ago

This is a triple-A game for both the Wii & PC platforms.
Fortunately, they get to keep their company although they just published World of Goo, they're not the actual Devs.