The Bender Podcast - Ep 29 - Get that Blu-Ray out of my PS3 Please

This week we have a non-drunkard show, Allison out with the plague of some kind, we all wish her a speedy recovery! Without the lady to reel us in, we start out off topic on old subjects, rap music and websites, Killzone 2, etc.. but we get back on track and actually cover all the important gaming news and more, enjoy!

Show notes:

MIR-12 Agent killed - the story explained.

Asian girls don't be rude - have sex with that zombie dude! - Is this even viral?

Superbowl - James has money on the Cardinals, wtf!?!

Tiger Woods, Geoff Keighley, Major Nelson, Derek Jeter in Orlando Feburary 3rd


Analysts say Wii could see "sudden collapse"

Platinum Games loves NeoGAF fan ads

Sony: PS3 will remain the most expensive console - Time to let go of Blu-Ray?

Activision announces DJ Hero - Greatest idea or worst idea?

Take-Two cries - Used game market killing gaming (still!?)

Former Crackdown developers working on "Project Crackdown"

Gamecock Founder Mike Wilson may have bought Hardcore Gamer magazine

Lego Rock Band game is coming!

Take StarCraft classes at Berkeley

JW Went to School With a Rapist

Guitar Hero outsold Rock Band (but still isn't as good)

Best of luck to new gaming site Rejected Gamer!

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PirateThom3549d ago

I'm not even listening, do these idiots not want to be able to play PS3 games on their PS3?

PacoDG3549d ago

Of course not, a shiny black box that allows us to connect to Home is all a person needs.

(retarded response to a retarded comment)

PirateThom3549d ago

Heh, I'm not the one who wants to have a PS3 that can't play PS3 games.

You know, since the games are all on Blu-ray.

krouse933549d ago

Yea they are stupid how can hey not realize the PS3 games themselves are on blu ray discs *sigh* Idiots.

Cajun Chicken3549d ago

Hey! I have an idea! Lets remove my DVD drive from my PC so I can't install new retail games or watch movies!



DELTABOY043549d ago

people still whining about the blu ray sh*t? get the fu*k over it! its 2009 move on....sick of these bias gaming sites...ps3 is here to stay! stop the HATE!