Blu-ray Increases Market Penetration

In the most recent issue of Home Media Magazine, new Nielsen First Alert data is now reporting that Blu-ray sales represented 17% of the home video market for the week ending January 25th, a new record for the high definition format. The previous record of 16% was reached only a few weeks ago, and makes for some very impressive results for the month of January

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Jager3551d ago

Bu bu bu bu but Digital Downloads!!!

Bu bu bu bu but MS said Blu Ray was dead!

lokiroo4203551d ago

Did the word penetration get you excited? No bluray will not go to dinner with you and penetrate anything.

KillzoneKid3551d ago

Well we all knew that Blu Ray would overtake DVD

we also know that PS3 will kill competition once KZ2 hits

those who were in denial can eat crows now

KillzoneKid3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

that girl is PP

cant believe that she is so shameless

NegativeCreep4273551d ago

Your seriously like one big sh*t stain that doesn't stop smelling or doesn't wash off.

What does the inside of Microsoft's rectum look like?

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Huh3551d ago

what about digital downloads i was told digital downloads was the way to go but i was told so by microsoft so it was likely a lie

GWAVE3551d ago

You're telling me. I was told a bunch of things.

- "HDMI isn't necessary"
- "HD-DVD is the future"
- " downloads are the future."

I just don't know if I can trust anyone anymore!

KillzoneKid3551d ago

DD is another viable method for renting (will be posssible in 10 years not now)

Blu Ray will become the standard this year . mark me on that

Maddens Raiders3550d ago

PS3 no better than the Xbox, says Microsoft boss

"He may not be the most impartial of judges, but Microsoft’s regional head of entertainment doesn’t mince his words when it comes to the PlayStation 3.

“In the technology and gaming there’s really little in the PS3 where I can say, ‘Gosh, I wish we had that’,” Neil Thompson, the company’s senior regional director for UK and Ireland, said. “The biggest threat that Sony has for us is the brand that’s been established around it.”

He conceded that the PlayStation’s graphics would give the Xbox a run for its money, but said that the Xbox outstripped its rival in the increasingly popular online gaming world, as well as in the number of games available.

“You have to have a range and quality of gaming content,” Mr Thompson said. “More and more we’re seeing that the online experience is a really important factor. Sony have come up with an online world that seems to let you do just about everything except gaming.”


============================= ===========================

Don't let these people redefine history we'll never forget. What about now Biaaa----?!

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KillzoneKid3551d ago

If US economy recovers then Blu ray will fully kill DVD this year

PirateThom3551d ago

I wish people would stop presenting digital distribution as some kind of sucessor to DVD. There's too many people that like to own physical products for it to ever happen.

DD is a sucessor to rentals, not owning a product.

iTunes certainly hasn't killed off CDs, why would DD do the same for movies?

KillzoneKid3551d ago

and it was 1% at the beginning of last year

DD is dead. It is just another method of renting

NipGrip3551d ago

Is the cost to the consumer. I have the bandwidth, I have the method of receiving the goods, but the cost is the barrier for me. If they seriously wanted DD to contend, they would release product at a bargain basement price to really hammer it home. There's no physical product to ship, no boxing, no store space, many costs that are saved and it's just not passed down. I have the same problem with many Steam games that cost as much, if not more than in-store games. Steam is only nice for me when it comes to purchasing games when said games are on sale. Same with movies and I have yet to see a "sale" on DD movies or shows on the PSN video service.

The gaming GOD3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

What happened to "digital downloads will kill blu ray" and all that other nonsense people kept talking?

I don't see how anyone doubted Blu Ray to begin with. Common sense should tell you Blu Ray would be a success.

I say that because it has more sales both on disc and hardware than DVD did at this same time in its lifetime. And it's doing this WITH this worldwide recession going on. So how you people can say "Blu Ray is doomed" is beyond me.

Tell me, if it can outpace DVD DURING a recession, just imagine if the world WASN'T in recession.

KillzoneKid3551d ago

It never took off and never will in the next 20 years

IF LOTR trilogy and Disney's classics launch this year on BLu Ray then DVD will be fully finished

DVD is already finished in Japan BTW

The gaming GOD3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

But people don't realize that Digital Downloads have been around for MUCH longer than they make it out to be. DD has been around since the birth of Bittorrent and FTP (File tranfer Protocol). People have been downloading games and videos well before 2000.

So for DD to have only .5% market share for all the time it's been out is bad. And for people to have the nerve to say it's growing fast is ridiculous. You have the PC, set-top-boxes, the PS3 and the 360 all contributing to digital download. Yet they only have .5% market share. With an install base like that, they should have a stranglehold on even DVD. But they don't now do they?

KillzoneKid3551d ago

but people simply dont want it

I hope MS realize that . failure = what happened with HD DVD

DutyCalls3550d ago

if Sony had said the same things MS said about DD, how would the media have responded.
well if they bash the PS3 when is clear that the PS3 is becoming a huge success for Sony (blue ray dominance and gaming too) i can only imagine the trash they would be talking. is it because Sony is foreign and MS is american?

The gaming GOD3550d ago

That might be EXACTLY what it is. MS is an American company. So yeah, NOW the media strikes at Sony because they want to get all patriotic.

JoySticksFTW3550d ago

I think it has a lot more to do with Sony being on top for two video game generations. People love to see a champion fall from grace. Blu-ray and PS3 will always be connected to a lot of people.

Also, HD-DVD was cheaper and implemented a standardize feature set before blu-ray could. Blu-ray took a lot of criticism for that. People were afraid to buy a Blu-ray player before they were sure it was 2.0

And as piss poor as MS was at getting the media to rally around Vista, they were an absolute powerhouse genius at sowing doubt and negativity towards Blu-ray/PS3.

It worked well against Blu-ray for a while, but Warner's decision changed that. But we still get "Blu-ray is dead" articles on N4G, even though they are clearly not true.

I think saying Blu-ray gets negative press, because Sony is foreign is way over-simplifying things. Besides, it wasn't just MS behind HD-DVD; Toshiba was in on it too.

And lastly, it could simply be sites posting "controversy" for hits

The gaming GOD3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

That is a possible reason as well. People might hate them simply because of their past dominance. But I don't get why the hate is even there. It's not like they did it with dirty business practices like other companies.

And you make a good point. Everyone loves to see the fall of a champion.

True, Toshiba was with MS on HD DVD. But the fact of the matter is MS was STILL there. So in that regard, it could be more like the lesser of two evils. In other words, pick Toshiba and HD DVD simply because MS favors them.

To be honest, there are plenty of scenarios that can be examined and debated on this issue

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