The Ultimate PS3 Game

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"As a purely hypothetical thread we are posing a simple question, what would the ultimate ps3 game be like?

We are starting this thread as a continually updated story thread, in which we will outline the specifics of what you the community thinks the ultimate game should be like, bit by bit. We will present it as if we are outlining a story however this will give us the opptunity to insert specific details like weapons or characters as we go. We will add the next part of the game to this post by choosing the best suggestion we receive."

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MasFlowKiller3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

for one it has to have a great controlling scheme that feel intuitive

great graphics, just pretty to look at, with a great atmosphere .

a story to be the envy by everybody that work in any type of media

a great main character that make you want to play all the time

BIG boss battles and a SUPER, ULTRA BIG Final Boss you will remember until the end of times

Cajun Chicken3574d ago

Basically God of War III, right?

fishd3574d ago

Team ICO's new game
God Of War III

lokiroo4203574d ago

my words exactly!

DaTruth3574d ago

Media Molecule fixed my level and all the future costumes are on the save game but I can't wear them. There are final fantasy 7 costumes. It says I can't wear them cause I don't own them.

Madgunner3574d ago

ermm i think MGS4 has done that

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Spike473574d ago

it kinda reminded me of GOW3 too, lol

bunbun7773574d ago

I can only speak for my 29 year old self when I say the ultimate game would have both old and new in it--- this is no short order. Ico did it with SotC, thanks to Zelda, and some beautiful atmosphere, amazingly enthralling bosses. Take the wonder of Super Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, and Metroid and add to it the stories of FF, DragonQuest, ChronoTrigger and Suikoden.

For me, its always always always going to be about story and gameplay, but it is no coincidence that my all time favorite games were graphically on par or superior to the games of their time. Graphics should be the tool to show something in a new light effectively, but it is the story, the imagination that delivers through the symbology.

On a minor note a positive thing to see incorporated more in videogames is the ability to play all styles, either through multiple characters, unique or different, so that each game would feel more tailored to the gameplay style, not as defined. This is not needed in all cases, but remember the difference in Super Mario 2?

The neat thing about the best and ultimate video games is that they remind me of the future of Virtual Reality, and also the past of day dreaming when I was 5 years old.