Gamerlimit takes a look at the impact of Horse Armor with new data from Bethesda

Gamer Limit doesn't just report on Bethesda's latest claim, they take a look into the amount of money they have made off of their DLC, and also comment on why gamers are disappointed with Horse Armor.

Just in case you never played Oblivion, here's a little backstory. Bethesda announced that they were releasing content that could be used in the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion, and gamers were immediately excited over the prospect of their favorite game getting new areas. However, while Bethesda did release a few new areas, they also sold another add-on: Horse Armor. What does horse armor do? Nothing. It makes your horse look cool. Many gamers bought the armor thinking that it would actually do something, then were thwarted by Xbox Live's "no refund policy". Read more to see Bethesda's top 10 download list.From Bethesda's Blog

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kaironn3550d ago

Nice mathematical breakdown at the end

Halochampian3550d ago

yea.. I should make some horse armor for a game.

Spike473550d ago

yet is beyond me, lol.