Thunderbolt Games Review The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Stuart Edwards, Thunderbolt Games: "Once again it's that time when we critics swarm down onto the latest release of a dying series, and tear what little life there once was from the rotting corpse of the franchise; we are the vultures and you are our family waiting to be fed.

Spyro was once a fresh catch which we all loved to devour slowly and time and time again we came back for more, until one fateful day in November 2002 the dish went stale and other recipes looked to give us the same satisfaction and then some. Since that fateful day six years ago upon release of Enter the Dragonfly, only Spyro diehards have been able to find something to get their teeth into from the series.

The entire sixth generation passed and still nothing could revive the series as it was (along with Crash Bandicoot), tossed from one less reputable developer to the other. But not anymore; Dawn of the Dragon is here to start to right the wrongs of the past generation, and give us that little extra."

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