Nomura: No Plans For Dissidia Sequel

1UP: "Despite a hidden ending that hints at a sequel and Japanese sales inching up on that magical million, perennial Square Enix It Boy Tetsuya Nomura has flatly denied that a second Dissidia is in development.

At the end of a lengthy interview in the 704-page Dissidia Ultimania strategy guide, released yesterday, Nomura states: "There are no current plans for a sequel. To be honest, I wanted to do one up until a few months ago. I even called [Mitsunori] Takahashi, the planning director, and [Ryuji] Ikeda, the lead programmer, to talk about sequel concepts -- I told them to think about what they were going to do and prepare themselves [to make a sequel]. However, circumstances inside the company wiped that idea out... to actually make [a sequel] happen would be very difficult given the situation."

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Chris3993549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Just a dozen spin-offs and OAVs planned.

This is SquareE, after all.

Expect plush-toys, sushi-combos and cos-play kits all by the summer.

And "Dissidia: Ultimate Edition" for the DS.

Along with "Dissidia: Cooking Mama feat. Aeris" in the fall. (Sorry but the cooking mama/ SquareEnix jokes never get old for me. Think Pennywise had the first one that I ever read and it STILL makes me giggle.)

Xandet3549d ago

Sequels aren't in the Squeenix nature! They'll just wait 5 years and make 15 different remakes of it.

McLuvn3549d ago

How about a rest of the world release date.

Madgunner3549d ago

tetsuya and Kojima-san should team up to make a game

Xandet3549d ago

Because if that were ever the case.. I'd die and go to heaven.

KingDizzi3549d ago

Release FFXIII and Versus first, then think about Dissidia II which BTW is amazing having imported that beauty. FFXIII and Versus need to release ASAP in Japan for the PS3 so Sony can once again save there bacon like they did 10 years ago.

Luca Blight3549d ago

a sequel for PS3 and/or 360. That'd be nice

iamtehpwn3549d ago

Would be mad success. Do want.

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