Penny Arcade takes a demographic gaming poll, furnishes interesting results

Penny Arcade recently surveyed 38,350 gamers, asking various questions from "what type of internet do you use" to "how much do you game a week." 38,350 people is a very large sample size for a private party to gather, and the data yields some very interesting results. Read more to see the startling data and results.

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kaironn3550d ago

Wow. Very interesting data.

Fullish3550d ago

'Sites that get visited over twice a week: Penny Arcade: 96.1%'
Heh how unsurprising.

creamydingle3550d ago

Wow im impressed that many people actually go to penny arcade na that cant be right 100 people must have taken the test 380 times each lol

RebornSpy3550d ago

Penny Arcade is probably one of the most popular webcomics.

Tsalagi3550d ago

Must be nice to have money for gaming...or anything.