Resident Evil: Degeneration Launches on N-Gage (+Limited Edition Nokia N96 Unveiled)

Premiering on N-Gage, experience the newest horrific chapter of the Resident Evil series - Resident Evil: Degeneration. Based on the new CG-animated feature film, players will battle through relentless undead masses in this adrenaline-fuelled, heart-pounding adventure.

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Chris3993639d ago

Here's a direct link to see for yourself.


Worse than DS 3D. A 2D version would have been a smarter idea.

kevco333638d ago

Of course it's not as good as a NintendoDS' visuals! Mobile Phone game technology hasn't reached that point yet, and I'm sure when it does there'll be a more powerful DS on the market.

I think it's doesn't look to bad, better than PSone, and that's good enough. However, I'm not going to comment on the gameplay - I haven't played it and I doubt I will!