CSM: Afro Samurai Review

But this "Mature"-rated game is not for young eyes (or ears, due to excessive cursing). Afro's vengeance spills copious amounts of blood as he takes down baddie after baddie -- it's possible to decapitate, dismember, and impale foes, with red stuff gushing and splattering with each slice -- even onto the "camera" for added impact. While fighting is the name of the game, there are also some less-gratifying puzzle-solving elements and "platforming" tasks that challenge players to balance on planks and platforms, jump and swing on poles, and so forth. Another issue is the auto-camera that follows you around this world, which sometimes obscures your view in tight places (usually indoors). Shortcomings aside, this game's high-production values (including its stunning art style, memorable set pieces, and great soundtrack) and over-the-top combat should more than satiate adult gamers with a yen for this kind of virtual violence.

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