Circuit City Liquidation Deals Update writes:

"Just got an email spam from the Circuit City Liquidators...

Here are the current deals at all store locations:"

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celldomceen13551d ago

yea the plasma tv thing is nice people are in there going nuts over that 25% off. especially for the superbowl.

ThanatosDMC3551d ago

Their prices are not up to date. I saw games that are 49.99 or 59.99 that should have been halved or less than half their prices. Is that price gouging?

Johnny_Cojones3551d ago

Probably puts their TV prices just about on par with Newegg.

Divinius3551d ago

Anyone with a brain can find a cheaper TV 100% of the time online such as neweggs, but I wonder how much of a discount are off their game and gamesystems

SiLeNt KNighT3551d ago

They MIGHT have a couple crappy games left but all the big games worth buying are NOT marked down, same goes for the systems. the liquidators put clearance prices on all the slow selling products first so they can get those out the door. All the good stuff will go to the employees and their friends and family because they get to see the sales each day. I guess it's kinda fitting seeing that they are losing their job pretty soon.

Blasphemy3551d ago

LOL I went there last night to see the price on a Keyboard they had. Even with the 20% off the same keyboard is still cheaper on Amazon. CC liquidation sale is such a joke. It's no wonder they went out of business.

Sitdown3551d ago

and there really are no sales there. As others have said, stick to amazon and other sites.....and you will be just fine.

UnDone143551d ago

I got a Dual Shock 3 yesterday for $41.00 including tax. That wasn't too bad.

FF7numbaone3551d ago

Gonna wait til they get more desperate.

aftrdark213550d ago

I'm waiting for the "manager on crack sale". We all know it's coming. It was the same way when CompUSA when out of business.

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The story is too old to be commented.