PlayStation 3 Price Drop Coming Soon

"We have all seen the reports of Sony stating that there will be not be a price drop for the PlayStation 3 anytime soon, but do you believe this to be true?"

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HighDefinition3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

We all know what happens when the PS3 and 360 are closer in price.

Killzone 2 will be a massive system seller and since the 360 can`t even run games like Killzone 2, it only makes the PS3 look more and more appealing being the same or just closer in price.

This will happen VERY soon.

Jamegohanssj53551d ago

Like I said at the end of Sony's Fiscal Period they will drop the price by 100 bucks. Sony said they wanted to sell 23 million if I am not mistaking without a price drop and it's working fine. By April which is the end of that period I predict around 24 million or so.


CrazedFiend3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I'm gonna say "YES" to that question. Any price cuts would only help sell Playstations. Any evidence so far should point out that Sony's true goals lie elsewhere. I love my PS3, but I'm starting to have SERIOUS questions when it comes to Sony.

I have to say I agree with Sony that there will be no price drop and despite claims to beef up advertising, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no "sensible" advertising from Sony anytime soon. And DEFINITELY no SuperBowl KZ2 ads as that would just make too much sense.

Trying my ABSOLUTE best at reverse psychology, but I doubt that will even work (-_-;)

jaysquared3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"Sony said they wanted to sell 23 million if I am not mistaking without a price drop and it's working fine"

Why do PS3 fans keep ignoring the fact that Sony did a DESPERATION PRICE DROP in 2007? Sony did do a price drop already after only 6 months in the market in N. America and 3 months in Europe. And you guys call M$ price drop of $100 in a 3 year span desperate...


LOL! Typical blind fanboy comment when the PS3 is currently last behind the 360 and the almighty Wii.

Sayai jin3551d ago

A price drop will only help any system. The PS3 is nearing the point where the price should come down. U hear people say when the price of the 360 and PS3 are closer it will be game over for MS. All I can see is if the PS3 lowers their price, MS will lower the price of the 360. The one year production head start has lowered the cost of manufacturing the 360. If the 360 responds to a PS3 price drop then Ninty mat eventually follow suit, but that's a big BUT. Because until MS or Sony become a significant threat to Ninty (sales wise) they are not likely to respond. Let's have fun and leave the sales numbers to the company and reps.

eagle213551d ago

selling at $399, $499, and $599.

That's ownage! :)

gaffyh3551d ago

@jaysquared - I think you'd call the Xbox price drop late 2008 desperate, because it was being consistently beaten by PS3 in every territory. Anyway it's just business, not desperation so STFU.

On topic - I think Sony may drop the price, but I don't see it happening soon, especially in the current economic climate. If sales decline severely they could do a price cut in April, but other than that they could easily keep selling at the current price, and do a big price cut at Xmas 09 (and get all the sales back like the 360 did last year).

jaysquared3551d ago

umm no. how can a $100 price drop for a product that's being out for 3 years be a desperation price drop.. If that was desperation then what what does a $100 price drop after 6 months in the market?

Milky3551d ago

I predict a price drop in October. There is no need to drop the price right now. They arent exactly dying, oh wait I forgot playstation is DOOOMED!!

T3L3PROOF3551d ago

oh yes my PS3 is dead i will be attending its funeral with many other PS3s.

gaffyh3551d ago

@jay - that was kinda a requirement for Sony to get 3rd party backing, if you look back you'll see that many many devs were not happy about the PS3's price, so Sony dropped the price. Business is business, supply and demand, if demand goes low you drop the price. Exactly what MS did, and what Sony will do and Nintendo will do it as well when it's needed.

cherrypie3551d ago

"Killzone 2 will be a massive system seller"


"and since the 360 can`t even run games like Killzone 2"

Snore. Teh power of the cell!1one! You've got to be joking.

plain rice3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

So what your saying is that the Cell processor has nothing to do with the graphics that Killzone 2 is producing? Please find me one 360 game that runs in 720p, has lighting, physics, and animation as good as K2 on top with 7.1 surround sound.

Isn't the 360 the one easier to develop for? Is is not the graphics card on the 360 theoretically superior than the RSX? Don't you think its power should have been tapped "before" the PS3.

king dong3550d ago

as ususal, you can always be counted on to bring some totally pathetic sony obsessed fanboy nonsense into a thread....a life is needed perhaps????

plain rice: find me a game that has been in development, and has had as much money lavished on it as kz2...and dont say too human, that had 2 year dev

Graphics Whore3550d ago

Halo 3 had a total budget of 60 million, that's a pretty impressive number next to Killzone's 54 so far. In fact didn't Halo have something like 300 people working on it simultaneously? That's a pretty huge number compared to Guerilla's 140.

It's not Microsoft's fault they can't produce playable Killzone 2 graphics, the hardware just isn't good enough.

SWORDF1SH3550d ago

ehhhh wrong.
read one of my previous posts
post 1.28 i think

skimming3550d ago

No matter if price drop occurs or not, Sony will not appreciate this type of speculation.

All this does is add more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about PS3 for potential customers.

For myself, I certain will now wait until this drop pans out.

Meanwhile, one less customer for Sony.

Perhaps MS be behind this rumor...

plain rice3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

uhhh............ Alan Wake. That game has been announced at E3 05. The same time when K2 was unveiled, yet K2 is the only one with its promised graphics and what, an actual release date. Don't be so blind, kid.

BTW why shouldn't I bring up Too Human? Even if they had 2 years of actual dev time, they had an entire decade to come up with AAAA gameplay. Don't you think during those other years they've already thought about the story line, gameplay, etc...?

Are you aware that the team behind K2 has been doing R&D for the PS3 while co-developing K2 at the same time. Their engine assets will be shared upon other 1st and 2nd party PS3 dev teams.

And if you want to talk about budgets and all that, Halo 3 is the epitome of over spending.

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Giriath3551d ago

I believe there will have been a price drop of at least 50$ by the end of summer. When and if more than 50$ can be discussed to the day they announce it.

Nicolator3551d ago

the price goes down by 50 quid.. i am buyin a ps3 for myself, and younger brothers each.. with kz2 hope they really do they would see sales beyond imagination.

Crueltylizer3551d ago

It would be the best strategy for Sony at the moment to push even more sales of Killzone 2.

HighDefinition3551d ago

COD4 moved alot of systems on BOTH platforms, I don`t see why Killzone 2 won`t do the same, but only for PS3 obviously.

Nick2120043551d ago

Killzone 2 already has well over a million preorders so I expect it to sell at least 2-3 million the first week.It will definitely sets records for the PS3.

Crueltylizer3551d ago

Killzone 2 can do without the pricedrop ofcourse :)

But think about a Pricedrop on forexample the bundle with KZ2? It would really be moving consoles together with the game and a higher rate i believe.

Nick2120043551d ago

Of course it would but it would benefit Sony more if they kept the system the same price for the first month or two to get the hardcore Killzone 2 fans and then once the sales start to slow down, announce the price drop.

Crueltylizer3551d ago

Yes i can see the point in that :)

crck3551d ago

I can see a $50 to $100 price drop (more likely $50 with a pack-in game) maybe announced at E3. I don't remember many console price drops occurring the first half of the year. They usually drop it late Summer/early Fall to cash in on Holiday sales. Correct me if I'm wrong.

SAiOSiN3551d ago

or if you're lighningps3ps3, he's a confused little fanboy.

Sayai jin3551d ago

Definatley, a price cut now will help. I do not think you need one, because KZ2 needs no help. It would not hurt though. If I were you all I would not get caught up on how many copies of KZ2 sales. It is obviously raising the bar this gen. Do not let this justify if the game is good or not. I heard some of my coworkers say that they were not going to get the game for their kids because of the name KILLzone. It will be way to violent said one. I told them you should be able to turn the blood/gore off. It's good that parent are not buying ther kids whatever game is out there. I was playing Gears 2 the other day with a 6 year old on XBL, what???? Well, my children will not be playing it, but I have a copy pre-ordered.

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Ashton3551d ago

how many times have we said this and nothing happened?

CrazedFiend3551d ago

Yes, EXACTLY thank you. I'm so tired of someone taking something we know we all want and then turning it into news. Then everybody starts commenting on it like it's actually gonna happen when NO ONE has heard anything from the one group that actually has any power over the situation.

Until big SONY says that they're gonna make a move, you guys need to be like Flava Flave and just don't believe the hype.

Ghyst3551d ago

They've stated already they can't drop the price, as cost of manufacturing is too high, maybe around christmas this earliest but posting this now is a waste of time and space as it isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Nick2120043551d ago

If you read the article, yo uwould clearly understand why Sony is making these statements.

Captain Tuttle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

And I think it's wrong. Stringer has already stated that Sony is more concerned with profitability rather than marketshare in regards to the PS3. I don't think you'll see a price drop until Sony can cut the price as well as make a profit on each unit sold. The company as a whole is bleeding cash and the gaming division is the one tiny bright spot (even though it only showed a $4 million profit last quarter it was still profit). Why would they take away the cash flow with a price cut?
And in regards to the Dell sale, the price cut was applied to the 360 as well. Does that mean that Microsoft is going to cut the price?