Sony Launches 'We are PlayStation' - Be Part of a PlayStation Ad Campaign

The rules are simple – capture the perfect image of you, your friends or your family enjoying a PlayStation moment with your PLAYSTATION3, PlayStation2 or PlayStation Portable and upload it to There are different categories your photos could enter: Caught in the Moment, Unexpected Places, PlayStation Parties, True Love and Endless Play. A panel of guest judges will assess top user-rated snaps on their merits and work out which photographer deserves the top prize of 1000 euros and a Sony D-SLR a350 camera. Ten runners up will receive cash prizes of 100 euros each, while the next best 100 entries will get their hands on a top PlayStation game or vouchers for the PlayStation Store. All entries have the chance of being used in a future PlayStation marketing campaign.

(NOTE: Altough the article refers only to Europe, the competition is open worldwide, with prizes being exchanged into the correct currency upon annoncement of a winner.)

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BabyStomper50003547d ago

Does making porn with the pseye count??

Godmars2903547d ago

But probably not in a good way - not counting yourself...

Cajun Chicken3547d ago

I certainly hope not.
I might get a vid of me and my friends playing Calling All Cars shouting over each other and trying not to kill each other when we steal the criminal last minute near the goal.
The way we play it at when at Uni term-time at the house is hillarious, its like a damn warzone.

"Boost! Boost!"
"Aaaaaah, f**k"
"You w**nker!"
"Argh! I hate you!"


BabyStomper50003547d ago

Or getting really, really, stoned and playing LBP in a smogged out room.... good times :)

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Spike473547d ago

and my brother is too small so I'm screwed, good luck to everyone that is taking part in this.

Godmars2903547d ago

Makes people sound like products, rather that they use a product.

Apple's "I'm a Mac/PC" ads was the personification of a PC and Mac. MS's response came off more as itemizing the people who use their product. At least to me anyway.

GrammarPolice3547d ago

It's not like MS created this concept. Remember "I am Tiger Woods."

Godmars2903547d ago

But again, their's was in response to Apple's, which at least was funny. MS's came off more as annoying.

GrammarPolice3547d ago

I actually kind of liked them. I'm not a huge fan of MS, but they were almost damned if they did and damned if they didn't. I liked how there was a huge cross section of people saying the "I am a PC" line... directly opposing the Apple ad that it was old and tired Big Blue. I have a PC and I'm pretty happy with it... would not get a Mac as the PC does everything I need and integrates with what I do at work, with my relatives, etc. But I do enjoy the Apple commercials!