Is Nintendo's Wi-Fi service worth the bandwidth it's written on?

CVG feature: "Last year saw Nintendo get serious about online gaming. But is the Wi-Fi service worth the bandwidth it's written on? To find out, we secured three of last Christmas' biggest games, and maimed, killed and traded fruit with everyone in sight. Here are our findings..."

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N4g_null3549d ago

Yep the you tube is like our new tv station and using the Wii mote for web sites is a lot more fun it even lets me use my logitec wireless keyboard in the usb. Online Mario kart got it so right. The random battles are pretty cool. It also keeps the stalker players a bay! The friend codes are the only real problem. I mean from VC to Wiiware and even only line this isn't a bad box. It's no live but hey live doesn't have VC and the games I want to play and I have to pay for it.

The funny thing is the instruction on how to fix the problems for SSB is out there and it works yet since it is ad hoc or a direct connect system almost every one will have to fix it. I really hope that is not a proble for street fighter4.

Oh yeah blom blox is not going to use friend codes. I guess that's a start but really so far so good for me. I don't think console online will reach PC standards and still be free but it would be nice for some one to prove me wrong! Online wise nintendo can only go up.

Voiceofreason3548d ago

EA games dont usually use friends codes. I know Madden doesnt,Medal of Honor, Tw09 and a few others. FC are not required for Wii games.

N4g_null3546d ago

FC are fine I don't like having online game friends the same way I don't like IM systems. Send me a damn email! Another thing is you can actually email from your wii. There is a 20 email limit a day. I've never had a problem with FC because I just log on most of the time and try my best to crush who ever is there. It would be nice to simple click a persons name and get their FC though or at least send them a request for it.