Is Killzone 2 a PS3 seller?

Gamer.blorge writes:

Killzone 2 may be one of the most hyped games ever after Halo 3. The initial reviews are rolling in for Killzone 2, and from the look of things it looks like the game may pull it off. Currently, Killzone 2 has an average rating of 95 on Metacritic. However, the big question is - will it help Sony sell some PS3s?

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TrevorPhillips3551d ago

well na duh it is a PS3 exclusive, the game will sell great on first week.


Why dis3551d ago

Time will tell after the fact. LBP was in the same boat. I'm going to assume FPS's should do better on the PS3? Proven games/franchises have trouble selling consoles.

socomnick3551d ago

lol your comment makes no sense. Ps3 games have not been generally known to sell very well.

Giriath3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Proven franchises ARE what sells consoles. Killzone isn't really a proven franchise - the first was dubbed average and while the PSP game Liberation was better, it isn't really well known. The shooter genre is however the one genre which sells both its games and consoles.

Killzone 2 will sell consoles simply because it is so good and is getting praise from the gaming press all over. I think a lot of people have been on the fence about buying a Playstation 3 because it hasn't really had a game proving that it can do graphics better than the Xbox 360. Killzone 2 is that game, and as such has enormous potential as a system seller.

With the proper marketing we now see it will have, it will just sell even more.

gamesmaster3551d ago

console sellers are proven franchises, new IP's dont tend to sell consoles as much, with the exception of maybe a proven developer, white night chronicles has done well over in japan however, but they're rpg nuts.

either way i have my ps3 and i will soon have my kz2 so i dont really care

Rockstar3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Socomnick and Why Dis were buying a PS3 for this game.

Mission Accomplished!

whoelse3551d ago

Considering its getting this much publicity already and #1 at many online retailers, all before Sony's big marketing push, then yes, it will sell PS3s.

In fact it could be the biggest PS3 seller so far.

kevoncox3551d ago

No it won't
It's proven that Sony games only sell well if bundled.
I expect it to break 3 million sold lifetime. However, it will take 3-4 months to break 2 million like LBP did. Sony gamers don't buy games. I still say it and it still rings true.

Tempist3551d ago

I don't think anticipation sells as many consoles as actual post releases. Personally, back in august of 2007, there were a lot of games coming to the PS3 that I wanted to play, thus about 5 games compelled me to by a PS3, does that count for all 5 games?

See the problem with calling a game a system seller is that no one game may actually be responsible. Someone could have been mulling getting MGS4, but didn't want to until Killzone 2 was reviewed, in that case, which game sold the system then?

It's very hard to quantify this and it's practice that should stop as it roots from fanboyism.

AuToFiRE3551d ago

Your trolling skills have greatly gone down hill

But yeah, killzone2 WILL sell consoles, no doubt in my mind

Rockstar3551d ago

Well, I guess it's a good thing KZ2 won't be bundled...

No, wait...

HDgamer3551d ago

Otherwise Tombraider would've sold a lot but it didn't. The same can be said about Mk vs DCU, etc. A proven franchise doesn't mean it will sell good, people seem to forget that most of us are in a recession in the US. Some people have lost their jobs, LBP did really well and its now up to 2million in sales. I'm not saying that it will stop there but people are having a tough time to buy games and clothing. This game will sell well despite that the first one got mutilated in the reviews. Gamers who don't even visit the forums and such will look at this and just play it. This is a FPS, it's been in production before the ps3 came out, there will be massive ads for this thing according to sony, people are going to buy this game and we will have fun with those newbies online.

GIJeff3551d ago

"I think a lot of people have been on the fence about buying a Playstation 3 because it hasn't really had a game proving that it can do graphics better than the Xbox 360."

there's quite the list now, this might have been valid in 2006...

GWAVE3551d ago

May I remind everyone here that although Halo 3 is the highest-selling 360 game to date, the number of consoles sold didn't increase exponentially.

Don't get me wrong. Console sales of the 360 DID increase, but not by much. My point is that sometimes even popular games fail to become "system sellers".

Still, the PS3 already has two (if not more) system sellers: they're called "Blu Ray" and "the Playstation brand".

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Helghast Slayer3551d ago

Um if it's not then we should be ashamed of ourselves as "gamers". Killzone2 looks to be an amazing fps that does everything better than all fps's till date. We gamers have to do our part and support the talented devs that are left in this droughted industry we worship so blindly much.

Killzone2 is definitely a system seller. Wanna know why? because i bought my ps3 at launch for it along with GOW3, GT5 and the many potential AAA system sellers sony will release for us in the near future.

TrevorPhillips3551d ago

exactly :) agree with above

Rims3551d ago

Best looking console game EVER!

Killzonegamer833551d ago

I dont know, you tell me.. go over to, and and you will see Killzone 2 as the #1 over ALL games on the best sellers list for each website..

In short, I think this game will move tons of PS3s and tons of copies of the actual game

Sitdown3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

the problem with your theory is....1.)You do not know how many copies have been sold to put it at the top of the list. 2.) You have no evidence of how many purchases were from individuals who already own a ps3 versus those who are just purchasing the title along side a ps3. 3.) I refer you to Tempist post (comment 1.6). 4.) I refer you to Sabre-G (comment 6)

Yes, I am sure some people will buy a ps3 because of this game...but I do not think an overwhelming number will show up....I mean with bluray, LBP, MGS, Motorstorm and a host of other games....I doubt a lot of people were sitting on the sidelines waiting for this title to come out. So while it will sell well, I don't think a great percentage will come from new ps3 owners.

GIJeff3551d ago

I'd rather have Twisted Metal Black: 2. (I choose this as my theoretical name because: Twisted Metal 2 was the best game, probably ever and that Twisted Metal Black comes in close second) KZ2 looks great, and I'm going to get it. But Twisted Metal....OMFG.

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