Resistance 3, Will Nathan Hale be the main character?

(This article has R2 spoilers)
For the many people that experienced Resistance 2, you know that it wasn't the end! For one, It left to many questions unanswered; second, there is the never ending dispute of what really happened to Nathan Hale; and three, its Insomniac, they always have something up there sleeves.

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TheHater3573d ago

Don't jump to conclusion. I for one think he isn't dead. He was given that really fricken insane ability right before he "die". So I say no, he didn't die

Graphics Whore3573d ago

Hey Why Dis what games are you looking forward to playing on your Xbox 360 in 2009. Lol.

infamousinfolite3572d ago

It's a time exclusive time trials game called the RROD lol. And Why_Dis gotta beat a number of games before it strikes why_dis' system if not that theres always multiplats. lmbo

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TheHater3573d ago

I don't think he die. He got that really fricken insane power at the end, and I would be really stupid to kill him as soon as he got that power.

meepmoopmeep3573d ago

i don't think he's dead either
but it's obvious he won't be the main protagonist
but be the main antagonist.

Max Power3572d ago

and it is because of the power that you had at the end of the second one, imagine "playing" the third game as, for the sake of a word, 'a God'

infamousinfolite3572d ago

I was just talking about this in the forums. Yea I don't think he dies either. I mean it was a real bad way for Nathan to die. He probably has the ability to reginerate like wolverine, and others I can't think of.

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

Dont remind me... it was an awesome "WTF" type of ending! All those battles just to be capped by your teammate... i killed 1400+ on my first run too... geez.

Ethreon3572d ago

Don't think that he died either..
Bet he'll return as some maniac super awesome man/chimera overlord or something.. Final boss 4 sure.

Doppy3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Capelli fighting on the humans side fighting against Hale.

I pray this doesn't happen. I like Nathan Hale, and I don't get why a lot of people bag on him. Master chief is a freaking green unknown, Jordan Freeman doesn't even talk, Marcus Fenix is a he brute, so why is it that all of these characters get a pass.

Anywho I hope you play as Nathan Hale, after Capelli shoots him in the head he instantly heals, and attacks Capelli, but a swarm of soldiers come and shoot him up (I mean let clips rain on him). Afterwards they put him in a cryogenic chamber until they can find a way to cure him (read on before commenting). Decades pass as the war continues and the humans have nearly lost the war (small scattered refugee camps are all that remain of the human race.), and the entire time Hale was frozen which held back his transformation (slowed it severely and trapped it in his cells, but not gone), until he is finally woken up by whomever. Afterward Hale must constantly inject himself with a serum to keep the Deadlus at bay, as he goes on his final mission for the world.

Now the more important points:

Instead of being stuck in WW2, which you would never had known had it not been for the radio broadcast in R2, they need to bring it to a more current era. Modern guns, more Chimera weapons, and they need to bring back a lot of the old weapons from R1 and R2 and the weapon wheel.

It's time to show us these true Chimera, and what they are doing on earth. Bring back the old Chimera from R1 and R2 Angels, Slip Skulls (especially the Slip Skulls for diversity), the Howlers, Window ? (the huge spider thing that blew bubbles in R1), and new enemies.

Focus on the single player more this time. Make a great finishing story, while adding more to the multiplayer. Make the A.I. more varied and don't have everything so scripted. Better Boss Battles (they were cool, but weren't awe-inspiring with the exception of finding the huge spider, by looking up).

Make 4 player co-op for campaign and 12 player co-op for online. For the online co-op mode keep your current formula, butadd more variety to it. As of noww you have various missions at anytime, but you know what to expect when you enter a certain part like Grims coming in the warehouse. Make the next co-op a mix of R2's class based system, with Left 4 Dead's AI director and that's a sure winner.

Online co-op I have no doubt it'll be at least 80 players if not 120 or maybe they'll try to top M.A.G. with 257 players whatever you do keep the balance like you did with 60 players. I think the same thing would work just with squads of 8 - 12 players instead of 5.

I think you could add another layer on to the single player by giving Hale abilities. Make him seem super strong like when you melee someone their skulls bust open or they fly back. Make his jump a little higher, just small things like that.

Graphics don't have to be on Killzone 2 level at all to me. Resistance is about scale and gameplay, and making a game that has tons of characters on the field all shooting it out takes away from what you can do visually, but the graphics should be a leap above R2 (R2 looked good, but could have been better). Water ripples causing huge waves need to go. R3 should look like the game Metro 2055, and check the link below to see what I mean (only look at pics. 15 - 17 to get what R3 should look like).

Finally and the most important thing of all is to just make the game fun. Bring back the feel of Resistance: Fall of Man, because a lot of it was lost in R2. And add more Oh $h!t moments in the game. Make Grims burst through walls in a house as they try to kill you. Give R3 a little more terror not like a Silent Hill of Dead Space (which would be nice), but like Left 4 Dead kind of scare, and R3 will be the most versatile shooter that comes out during that year.

And just incase you don't know I loved R1 and R2. R2 is my second favorite PS3 games, and R1 was my second, but since a newer version came out it got bumped to 7th.

Top 10

Little Big Planet
Heavenly Sword
R1 (since R2 is 2nd I usually leave this out and add Ratchet for 10th)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Burnout Paradise
Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Oh and sorry for the long post, but I'm passionate about Resistance.

callahan093572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

God I love Resistance 2! Personally, it ranks among my favorite game endings of all time. And yeah, it was shocking to me. Didn't see it coming at all. Can't wait for this years Ratchet & Clank title, see how they improve upon their last couple.

SL1M DADDY3572d ago

Ted already said they are taking the series to other people as protagonists. That is why he is not in the PSP game.

cayal3572d ago

"Instead of being stuck in WW2, which you would never had known had it not been for the radio broadcast in R2,"

It's not set in WW2. It's set in an alternative reality in the 1950s.

SAiOSiN3572d ago

since this is hale's story, imagine that your're the bad guy the whole game. or if not. hale can be the antagonist and a new character can be the protagonist.

Bubble Buddy3572d ago

When I first played the ending, I was shocked at the ending. No ending left me with my jaw down for a few minutes trying to figure out what's going to happen. If Hale is alive and will be the main antagonist, then I don't want to play as capelli. I'm not really fond of him.

Dark_Overlord3572d ago

is definetly alive, if you read the reports in the game it goes on about Hale and Daedalus (can't remeber his human name) being the 2 test subjects. However both were at opposite ends of the spectrum.

This leads me to believe that Hale may be able to somehow learn to control the chimeran genes within him.

It would be funny if every few levels Hale has an outburst of his powers and you get to go on a mass chimeran killing spree

Doppy3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

@ 1.9

Sorry I meant Cold War (hence the reference of Russia in the first one).

Cold War 1947 - 1953

Oh and I didn't mean Online co-op just online.
And the game should look like Metro 2033 not metro 2055 (don't know what I was thinking)

hydro-lx3572d ago

the psp one is a spin off, not even made by insomniac.. and its what happened between R1 and R2... thats why it didn't have hale! fool.. and insomniac hasn't announced anything.. they never do.. they like to keep all there secrets till days after the release when price finally starts talking...

fanboi hater3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

great post i pretty much agree with everything

My biggest hope for the 3rd game is that it goes back to its roots. Imo the first game is superior to 2 in every way. There is more diversity, a better story, with the exception of the ending, better level design, more enemies (ie. howlers angels), better weapon system, better atmosphere, better artistic design, better online maps (although the new co-op is great even though i sorely miss split screen campaign co-op). If they can incorporate these traits into the 3rd that would be amazing. I respect what they have done in two and i greatly enjoy the game i just loved the first one to the point where i guess i cant be satisfied lol. As far as story goes i liked the fact that hail dies as the best endings are the ones where the hero dies, but at the same time i can't think of any other character taking his place in a way that would satisfy me. In any case hopefully they can come up with a creative story line and make the game amazing, which i know insomniac has the capability of doing,just hope its in a form more similar to the first.

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Mcrmarcher3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I think that the next main character will be capelli. Unless they introduce someone else.

infamousinfolite3572d ago probably right. I'm thinking Capelli is your main character. Nathan does not die (So easily), and you end up fighting Nathan Hail

Polluted3572d ago

I'm guessing you play as Capelli with Hale as the main antagonist throughout most of the game, but, of course, Hale will defeat the sickness inside him and end up saving humanity in the end (possibly sacrificing himself in the process).

Just my guess...

infamousinfolite3572d ago

and capelli dies at the end due to the fight he had with nathan.

SAiOSiN3572d ago

no ratchet will be introduced in human form. he'll be very hairy, have huge eargs, and carry a wrench in his pants.

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One campaign as nathan then the other as capelli

callahan093572d ago

Now that could be awesome if they implement it all properly.

negative_03572d ago

the guy from resistance retribution? Maybe. Although the games not out yet so who knows what might happen to him at the end. Wouldn't it be cool if you could unlock alternate skins so that the enemies were characters from previous insomniac titles? Would be funny to see shoot chimeran clanks or use a special grenade to turn them into penguins like in R&C:FTOD.