Killzone 2 Urban Gameplay

Might need a medic for this one.

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bmatthews3548d ago

it's a great video, but watching it in full screen sucks due to GT's ridiculous compression.

Gamersyde is where true HD videos are at.

but the video itself is great


killzone2flop3548d ago

Just for a second i was hoping something new but nope thats just asking too much same old boringgggg scenery. Seen it once seen 100 times very dull makes the game look out dated now.

Ethreon3548d ago

Stupid Halo ripoff.


dazzalfc3548d ago

Because Gears 1 & 2 were had lots of variation didnt they?


This website should check to make sure you've entered puberty before allowing you to comment.

What else do you expect though? Ice scenes? Pink buildings? Please, why don't you quit being the d1ck of a fanboy and tell the whole world how you and your knowledge of making a computer game and giving it the correct atmosphere, could do a better job than this?

Ethreon3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Not a fan of GeOW, TimeSplitters in fact. :<

dazzalfc3548d ago

Well i wasn't replying to you, and i'm certainly not a fanboy, i'm not into all this fanboy crap, i prefer owning as many systems as i can get my hands on and enjoying what each one provides, but for a person to claim that Killzone 2 is basically the same old scenery is a little retarded, given that the game is meant to be dark, much in the same way Gears 1 & 2 have a dark atmosphere and colour range. So given the original poster is such a hater of the way Killzone 2 looks, that would mean he would hate the way Gears looks, and many other games aswell.

Ethreon3548d ago

I misunderstood you, now I'll go and bury my head in sand. :>

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mirroredderorrim3547d ago

[email protected] people always dying at the end of the vids

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