Nintendo Continues to Claim 99% of 2008 Industry Growth, Claim Continues to Be False

Earlier this month, Nintendo claimed that it was responsible for the 99 percent of all industry growth in 2008. They're wrong, but that did not stop Nintendo President Satoru Iwata to from trotting out the statistic again in a third quarter results briefing with investors.

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Voiceofreason3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I dont doubt that Nintendo is not exactly honest on this one, but not the way this guy claims. He's taking it as if Nintendo sales alone accounted for 99.9%. That is not what Nintendo was saying though.I took it to mean all Nintendo products and their software sales be they 1st or 3rd party.

If current software and hardware press releases are accurate. Between the Wii, DS, and the combined Wii/DS library of games Nintendo is bringing in tons of money for a lot of people. However I just don't think it was 99.(% of the market over all.

Anyway isn't it often the "New casual market" that is often blamed for harming the industry. If these people that are buying the Wii and DS are new gamers, then doesn't it stand to reason that the market growth would mainly be due to them? Those of us who have been gaming for years wouldn't be part of that growth.

Shnazzyone3573d ago

You mean gaming companies put spin on industry information for investors?!?! I AM SHOCKED!!! Then again didn't sony claim it's PS3 wasn't in competition with the other gaming systems of this gen? It seems like it should be common knowledge that you don't get accurate information about a company from the company itself. Reguardless Nintendo IS reponsible for majority of the growth in the gaming industry even if it isn't exactly 99% they are responsible for a good deal it doesn't matter if it's 5 or even 10 or 11 percent off they drove an unprecidented increase in gaming revinues. Deal with it!

N4g_null3573d ago

I don't know why this is such a big deal. Every one elses' totals fell and nintendo's went up. I'm not here to crunch the numbers but that sounds like 99% to me. Plus to he is talking about growth. The HD guys are still selling to the same people which is why the numbers for the 2 HD system will be very close until the end. Plus to it was to investors not the fanboys.