Game Franchises You Will Always Play

Some franchises just demand your attention; whenever there's a new entry in the series, you're definitely gonna buy it. What are your automatics?

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The Hunter3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Yeah, i dont play the first Killzone, Killzone: Libaration i have and Killzone 2 i buy... and if there comes a Killzone 3, i buy for sure... so my automatic franshise is Killzone!!

TheColbertinator3549d ago

Gran Turismo,civilization,and grand theft auto

drpepper61213549d ago

Metal Gear Solid series, Suikoden series. If Resident Evil 5 deliverers like 4 did. The Resident Evil series will also become an automatic buy.
They are not really a game series, but anything made by Insomniac and Level-5 are also automatic buys as well.

NaiNaiNai3549d ago

Metal gear solid, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty

rockleehong3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Call of Duty, Final Fantasy,Resistance,Metal Gear Solid,Devil May Cry,Resident Evil,Grand Theft Auto, etc.