Dawn of War II Requires Steam for Activation?

BeefJack writes, "Recent sources are indicating that retail copies of Dawn of War II will still use Steam, a digital distribution platform, to activate the product. In this fashion Steam would act as a form of DRM for Dawn of War II. This will mark the first time in which such a strategy has been used..."


UPDATE: BeefJack wishes to correct the above article. In reference to Steam, Dawn of War II is one of the first major game releases to use Steam as authentication. We are aware that other third party games have used this method in the past and apologize for any confusion the article may have caused.

In connection with the recent rumors in regards to GameStop no longer carrying the game we feel that this story continues to have relevance.

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Charlie26883636d ago

Talking about DoW2....having played the multiplayer beta I am VERY impressed and when I thought they we dumbing the previous games formula down...they went and actually changed the whole formula O.o

Ironically enough if the multiplayer is any indication the game is now even less n00b friendly then before :P

ChampIDC3636d ago

I've been afraid to take the beta online, since I've never been much of an online RTS guy. I usually just play the campaigns. I don't want to get whalloped by vets XD

ChampIDC3636d ago

Steam isn't so bad to deal with. I buy pretty much all of my PC games on it these days, except the occasional game not available on it.

Arcturus3636d ago

this is good. I like how steam handles DRM, i use it for basically every game its great

kwyjibo3636d ago

Take NBA 2K9 for example, that uses Steamworks, yet you can't even buy that game on Steam. It just uses it for the DRM.

Football Manager 2009, Red Orchestra, there are probably others too. There really needs to be some kind of quality rating for sources, N4G needs to allow users to bury poor stories instead of just digging them.

It's not the first time that erroneous info from crappy sources (this article is sourced to a forum post) has been front paged. Sure, it's not the worst, I remember an article on L4D and Steam DRM which was based purely on inaccurate assumptions...

Erdrick3636d ago

i was going to play the demo on steam but then it forces you to make a Live account, screw that this is a PC game. i shouldn't have to register and create some account just to play multiplayer. its the principle of the thing, forcing retarded console mechanics onto a computer platform...