First Killzone 2 Reviews Breached: How will the world react?

IGN writes: With just a little less than a month to go before the release of Killzone 2, many PlayStation fans have been clamoring to hear how this long awaited game has turned out. IGN was the first site in North America to post its review, and now reviews have started to trickle out from other sites and magazines around the globe. With a total of 22 reviews compiled on the critic collector website thus far, game buyers can begin to get a sense of how this game is being received and how it stacks up against other games of its caliber.


This impressive start is more notable when compared against the reviews its predecessor on PlayStation 2. The first Killzone (which IGN also had gave its first review, scoring it a fairly high but at the time controversial score of 7.5) was all over the map with reviews, eventually settling at a combined Press Score of just over a 7; Killzone 2 has so far not scored under 8.5. This being one of the biggest titles so far produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for PlayStation 3 (and perhaps even more notable, the biggest game ever to come out of The Netherlands), it should be interesting to follow the differences in review trends in Europe, North America, Australia and eventually Asia and the rest of the globe."

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KillzoneKid3637d ago

based on 22 reviews

95% on Meta and 95% at GR

AAA confirmed

Gerry Mark II3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

43 reviews so far.

PM US: 5/5
OPM UK: 9/10
OPM Aus: 10/10
OPM Spain: 9.5/10
OPM Netherlands: 91/100 (only reviewed single player)
OPM Portugal: 9/10 9.9/10
576Kbyte: 9.7/10
Gameplay: 20/20
Gamepro: 5/5
MAXIM US: 3.5/5
PSX Extreme: 95/100
Hobby Consolas: 9.4/1
Boomtown (Denmark) – 9/10
Norwegian Playstation Forum – 10/10 (This is a site not a forum)
Level 7 (Sweden) – 9/10 – 9/10
Jeuxvideo: 8.5/10
Gamereactor Finland – 9/10
Play3 Live – 19 out of 20
Konsolifin (Finland) – 5 out of 5
InsideGamer – 9.5 out of 10
GamePro TV (Spain) – 10 out of 10
Meristation: – 9.5/10
Gamereactor Denmark – 9/10
Eurogamer Italy – 9/10 (Spain) – 9.6 out of 10
Eurogamer Portugal – 10/10
Gamereactor Norway 9/10
GameReacter (Sweden) – 10/10
IGN AU – 9/10 – 10/10
PSLife Denmark – 9.5/10
IGN UK- 9.4/10
IGN US – 9.4/10
Eurogamer – 9/10
Empire – 4/5
Gameplayer 9.5
Spillmagasinet (Norwegian) – 6/6
Cynamite (Germany) : 9/10
ITavisen (Norwegian) – 5/6 5/5

I think gamestats needs to update their list.

PS: I am not the same guy above me, we just have the same avatar.

fishd3637d ago

I heard that crows have been added to the list of endangered species after KZ2's reviwes,Is it true?

White-Sharingan3637d ago

Hitler's reaction to all the epic scores KZ2 got:

KillzoneKid3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

U can upload all those scores at Gamestats

just submit those links man

also delete Maxim/empire reviews

since those are not GAME WEBSITES and are not counted at either metacritic/gamestats

morganfell3637d ago

I love the ramblings of some of those people writing personal reviews at IGN. There are some angry 360 fans there and their bitterness is like nectar to me. It tastes victory.

macalatus3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )


You know what they say..."Desperate times call for desperate meaures"! ;)

gametheory3637d ago

How many accounts does Nasim have? I tend to spot him immediately, but I lost count already. Why isn't he tired? Why does he keep making new e-mails? (Is that even needed?)

Tanod, larry007, tidus007, zimbo007 (I guess Nasim loves James Bond), etcetera. How old are you?

BulletToothtony3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

and you put in KZ2SAVE5 at the coupon section by the time you check you you'll recieve a $5 off bringing it to $51.something..

if you are glad to see this deal.. say thank you by adding a bubble.. just trying to help my peeps naw mean!!

mrnjl3637d ago

Why would they be angry, It scored 1 point less than Halo 3 in the US review and 1 point more in the AU review. Being a huge Halo 3 fan myself Im not going to sit here and say Hype got KZ2 its score. Im sure it didnt . I just hate it when the PS3 fanboys say Halo3 got its score from hype. Halo 3 still remains in my opinion the best FPS single player experience next to Half Life 2 with Fear & COD4 coming in at 2nd . Hopefully one day I will be able to play KZ2 at my friends and see how it ranks up with those 4 games.

meepmoopmeep3637d ago

uhhh... we are ALL Nas!m

"The One" never tires for he is invincible and a glitch born into the system
he is everywhere and everyone.

morganfell3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Desperate indeed. If I may drive into the city on launch day to watch certain people hug their 360 and jump from high rise buildings...

@mrnji - you miss the point. First of all I love HALO3. Why did you have to drag that in here? Second the angry people are the 360 fans and are the ones having a fit over there and giving the game a 1.

But here is where HALO failed and Killzone 2 blows it out of the water. HALO, all 3 HALOs fail because they throw canon out the window when it comes to MP. However Killzone and Killzone 2 maintain the canon. With such a great story Bungie dropped the ball on that one. They could have had epic MP battles built around campaign stories but they blew it.

3637d ago
morganfell3637d ago

mrnji, no offense but I don't think you have been gaming very long. I noticed all the games you list are newer than most of my socks. I am from the Goldeneye era and can easily say that no single platform has all 4 of the top shooters. Yes Half Life 2, COD4, and FEAR were also PC titles but I would say you are a little one sided there. Besides, System Shock 2 buries FEAR when it comes to atmosphere.

Immortal Kaim3637d ago

And so it continues, the perpetual sh*t fight over who has the best games blah blah blah. I think I could count the rational 'gamers' on one hand from the entire N4G site. Why do I bother?

morganfell3637d ago

People that spend their time complaining about the console war are no better than the trench fighters in the console war.

Immortal Kaim3637d ago

Possibly the worst reasoning I have ever heard, though look who it's coming from. You spend your time arguing which console is better, I spend my time trying to reason with people. Ignorance is bliss as they say, right mate?

CHEF3637d ago

I consider myself a Xbox360 fan (not a fanboy mind you) and I'm quite excited about this game. This game to me is one of the reasons why I'll be purchasing a PS3 very soon. But you know what? Your tone and condescending attitude kinda' deflates my excitement to be a PS3 owner.


mrnjl3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Hey dude no offence taken. Im 30 and have been playing games since the c64 days. Must admit forgot about Goldeneye on 64. As for system shock I put that more in the group of Dues ex, bioshock ect. I know they are FPS but they have roleplaying elements mixed in with them so I put them in a different class. IMO Fear and Halo have some of the best enemy AI seen in a FPS and I love that kind of thing really adds to the replayability to the game (esp Halo3`s skulls)
The only reason I dont have a PS3 is Im getting older and one console + PC does me fine.
You never know being a big FPS fan, if I like this game alot I may buy a PS3...but at $600-$700AU its going to take a big price drop on sonys part to get me to buy a 2nd console. Buying a house comes first.

morganfell3637d ago

@mrnji, I have couple of acquaintances that live near the middle of nowhere Ana Bay. Things can be pricey down there. But with the next MS console being delayed because of the economy, it's going to be the PS3 that has the longevity and the hardware to continue to evolve. A little investment now will pay off greatly later.

I understand why you class some of those titles differently. With all 3 current consoles, I still have an N64 with Goldeneye and PD on my PC desk.

@Immortal. I could care less. You opened your mouth in a condescending manner - yes you did - as if you were so elite and above the console arguments yet here you were - complaining. Welcome to ignoresville. And you can take a seat beside him Chef. There has always been a console war and will always be one. It takes the few of us that are relentless to point out the fact there has been one console that was built to evolve, was built for true next gen, and whose manufacturer is constantly seeking to improve things for the gamers instead of grinding studios into the dirt. That company is Sony.

There is a reason Game Informer picked the item they did for the number 1 spot on their list of Biggest Disappointments of 2008.

Giriath3636d ago

The world shall forever be in peace, as any warfare will be had in the kill zone...playing warzone.

Immortal Kaim3636d ago

@ Morganfell: Wow really, what type of lonely, sad little individual is so caught up in this 'console war' that he actually thinks it has real relevance in society. Sorry to burst your bubble, Sony doesn't give a sh*t about you, nor does MS or Nintendo. You are nothing but a number, a mindless number I might add. I will be glad to add you to my ignore list, anyone that delusional doesn't have anything relevant to say in my opinion.

Goodluck :)

BlindMonkey3636d ago

"Only score under 9 was from the French?? Figures. They must've been upset that there was a button to shoot, but none to surrender."

LMAO. Comment made on IGN

Yosking3636d ago

..a classified experience similar to every other game, causing so much havoc? and that few games if not none at all cause such ruckus?...

...I'll tell you why..its called envy, hate, desperation, RROD, and in the end sadness!

Dam you x-bots.. i do not hate you, never will envy you, and dont pray on you..I just pity you, for you are too blind to see quality state of the art gaming.. please grow d*ck, or something intelligible and mind ur dam rrod bizness!

Toast! to the greatest game yet! Triple A Baby!!

KILLZONE 2 (keep it out yo mouth xbots it aint a d*ck) HAHAHA!

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Cajun Chicken3637d ago

Can't wait for PSM3's review.

KillzoneKid3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )



However KZ2 will get 10/10 from many websites on the 2nd

Huh3637d ago

AAA playstation 3 exclusive

darkdoom30003637d ago

Dare I say it?

Egh, what the heck...

Prepare to be KILLZOWNED!!

gametheory3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Does that not make it "AAA"? What is "AAA" anyway?

My favorite PS2 games aren't even "AAA", they are more like niche games that didn't sell sh1t.

Stop this non-sense, enjoy Killzone because it is the most intense experience to ever grace any console in terms of gameplay, physics, graphics and sound (as far as Shooters go), not because it got "AAA scores" that mean nothing

Sarcasm3637d ago

Well after the whole BS since Killzone 1, and the 2005 trailer from the ravaging Xbox brigade.

Killzone 2 proved them all wrong. Which is why you're seeing PS3 owners dance like there's no tomorrow.

I for one, cant wait to just play the damn game come Feb 27th. I'm putting down COD, Gears, LBP, pretty much every damn game and will only play KZ2 til I'm sick of it.


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