Resident Evil 5 - New Gameplay trailer

Capcom published a new gameplay trailer from Resident Evil 5.

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beavis4play3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

please capcom, tell me that video was a bad joke........really, tell me the real RE5 is much better than that ridiculous video i just watched?

that video i just saw was hardly indicative of what "next gen" should be.

KillzoneKid3549d ago

Honestly after watching KZ2 RE5 seems like a last gen game to me

lord_of_balrogs3549d ago

Seriously, can you stfu about Killzone2? We get it, it's a good game. There is no need to troll every article saying how KZ2 killzowns everything.

I'll be buying this game, it's the ultamate co-op game where you rely almost entirely on your partner. Sure, the controls are wonky at first but once you get past the learning curve the game is actually enjoyable.

beavis4play3549d ago

capcom should get rid of the RE name and just call it "generic action shooter". that would be more accurate.

JokesOnYou3549d ago

That gameplay trailer looked great to me, the co-op gameplay will be awesome in this game, STOP the HATE.


beavis4play3549d ago

yea, 4 was awesome......but i'm not even a little bit happy at capcoms decision to lose the "survival horror" aspect and make this an outright shooter.

you're right though......the co-op will be sweet.

ChampIDC3549d ago

I gotta disagree about this being the ultimate co-op game. Doesn't seem like it takes nearly as much cooperation as Left 4 Dead. At least it's a nice option to have, though. I'm glad Capcom found a way to include it in the game. I can't say I agree with a lot of other decisions they made, though *cough* controls.

KarateExplosion3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The game looks good graphic wise but for a game of the *horror genre* it doesnt. From previews anyway (as in I could be wrong). This game is looking a lot like an updated resident evil 4. Granted the co-op will be cool... but who is scared when your playing witha friend.
I fell in love with the atmosphere of the first resident evils and 4 was a needed break of the finding out what key goes to what door or why the heck is this wheel 2 miles away from the pipe. But I am ready to go back especially since SIREN was really short, Alone in the dark wasnt to good, and Silent Hill just wasnt.... Silent Hill the market was wide open.

That is a nice trailer Swift. BUT if chris was dual wielding or had a sword I woulda thought it was a trailer for the next DMC.

bassturd3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I'm not really happy about the COOP element myself. Mainly cuz I don't really have anyone to play with so I'll be stuck with dumb AI. Chris had to save her in this video even...

but, with that said, I didn't see anything wrong with this vid. The graphics look gorgeous, the gameplay looks solid, the monster looked kewl. looks a lot like the water monster you fight in Gears of War 2...except a hell of a lot better. GoW2 sea monster was easy as hell and barely posed any sort of threat. Actually Resistance 2 had a sea monster as well (new trend?). RE5's still looks kewler.

ThanatosDMC3549d ago

DONT WATCH!!! It's spoilers!!! AAAH!

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swiftshot933549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

stfu haters. this game will be amazing.

Edit: LMAO. Please watch the video again and tell me thats not epic.

beavis4play3549d ago

swiftshot: sorry dude, i watched it 3 times........i'm disappointed because every time i watch new RE5 stuff, it's focused on shooting. need the "survival horror" too.

ablecain: you have a right to your opinion........but don't act like an @ss and call someone an idiot for having their own opinion.

why dis: why is it you turn every thread into a fanboy rant? show me where i mentioned KZ once? i didn't because it's has nothing to do with this thread. grow up.

Lord Xire3549d ago

Right but I guess when you watched that KZ2 vid of a guy shootin an opening and closing electric stick poking out at the sky was next gen and the EPICNESS.

That fight looked better than the water fight in Gears of War2 and visually looked better than the Hivemind fight in Dead Space and had more going on at one time.

So perfecting what 2 Next Gen games have done is now NOT Next Gen...


ablecain3549d ago

That video look pretty epic to me

Why dis3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

They need excuses to talk about their exclusive game no one outside the PS3 camp cares about. I'll be glad when this KZ2 Koolaid drunkness wears off.

diefor3549d ago

It's seems just like GoW 2. The monster in the water.

ZackFair3549d ago

Last-gen crap, lmao.

Who wants this sh1t?

AngryHippo3549d ago

....I want this game. Hence I am in this thread and enjoyed watching the trailer. Why are you here again?

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