Can Race Pro Succeed In The United States?

AutoGaming writes: "Many gamers like to sit down for a few hours or maybe even a few minutes and pick up a racing game, have some fun with it and move on. This Xbox 360 Exclusive game will frustrate the hell out of those players and for exactly that reason it might not become the popular epic racing hit many hardcore sim racers want it to be. Let's look at the top selling racing games of 2008."

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TaylorFlatt3574d ago

One word...well phrase..."lol"...

Speed-Racer3574d ago

What I am worried about is the fact that the Xbox hardly has good steering wheels other than the Fanatec etc.. PS3 has G25 and much more.. so that could mess up drivers and frustrate them if they dont have a wheel. A D-Pad just wont cut it

NaiNaiNai3574d ago

personally i have no problem with analog. actually truth be told i run almost everything on analog, gas/break/turning. i dont use face buttons, i use my triggers for e-break and shift. makes it feel more lagit.

Why dis3574d ago

Go play your PS3 then lol.

Going to try this game out.

InMyOpinion3574d ago

You don't like MS Wireless Wheel?

It's got both force feedback and rumble. I love the feel of it. And it only costs around $120, compared to $300 for the G25 PS3 wheel. That's just ridicolous.

Kushan3574d ago

Isn't "Force Feedback" and "Rumble" the same thing?

NaiNaiNai3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )


no they are not,
force feed back is like when you try to take a corner in a car and the wheel pulls back against you, like its trying to straighten out.

rumble is just the shock of the road, hitting something, breaking to hard. ect.

hope that helps cover it for you.

*well i know who they are, and i love there games, brings back good memorys. but the 360 won't have a good wheel. i don't mind racing on a controller. i have a car if i want to the feel of speed ill go out and drive it fast. XD i mean thats what the highways for.*

Blademask3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Its nice to just have to use 1 steering wheel for your PC sims and your console sims. Not have a ultra good 6spd wheel for PC games, then a plastic wheel.

I dont think the 360 audience even realizes who simbin is. Its a shame
though, because GTR2 is amazing. None of the RACEPRO articles are even warm.

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SalvatoreLeone3574d ago

I dont think it really matters. It's more how Atari and SimBin market it.

Kevin McCallister3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )


The game's rather generic title and its boxart will ensure that it doesn't appeal to anyone who isn't already anticipating its release. If it's truly a great sim, they can overcome that, but I don't think there's too much room left in the genre due to Gran Turismo and Forza.

Kushan3574d ago

You make a very good point with the name, but then again that's probably who it's targeted towards - people who want a simulation over a game.

free2game3653574d ago

Really? Gran Turismo and Forza are both pretty behind Sim Bin's game in gameplay and AI.

Kevin McCallister3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

It really doesn't matter how advanced its AI and gameplay are. There are quite a few FPS games with better gameplay and AI than Halo, but will they ever touch Halo in sales?

free2game3653571d ago

Who really cares what sells, something selling well or being extremely popular doesn't actually make it good, it was just marketed correctly.

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Elvfam5113574d ago

Is there any gameplay videos yet?

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