3 Need For Speed Titles for 2009- First "untouched" Screen shot


"It seems Electronic Arts have been listening to its Need For Speed supporters and has decided to completely re-vamp the Franchise. It will launch 3 new games in 2009, followed by a further widening of one of the games in 2010 to a worldwide game.

There will be 3 titles, 1 for the Consoles called Need For Speed:Shift, 1 for the Wii and DS called, Need For Speed: Nitro and finally a Play 4 Free series for the PC (Asia only in 2009) called Need For Speed: World Online.

They have released the first untouched screen shot which looks remarkably like those in GRID, which is probably the best Arcade racer on the console at the moment."

XboxOZ3605645d ago

If Need For Speed: Shift fronts anything like GRID, then Codemasters have some worrying to do.

The new look is a huge improvement and ideally they'll stay away from the custom flares, hoods and such, and concentrate on Racing. Leave the casual gaming for the Wii and the DS. With the real hardcore aimed for the PC.

Looking at the pic, it seems to be a very well detailed "race sim - or semi-sim like GRID is. If the damage modeling is like GRID, and the visual are on par , then EA will have a winner that will hold onto players long after the few weeks games usually have on the shelf.

It's why games like TOCA (V8 Supercars) GRID, Forza 2, SimBins racers etc have an ongoing community that simply does not stop playing the games.

Wheras the arcade style of the normal NFS and other games such as that, usually have a short shelf life, they sell well initially, but do not have a high support rate post release.

Great stuff EA, it shows the new management at EA under their new CEO is starting to pay dividends. Thumbs Up EA

Graphics Whore5644d ago

Okay, we get it your excited, but stop hyping a game that literally has only two paragraphs of info about it and one game-play shot.

andyo135644d ago

need for speed got cancled

Ratchet_Co5644d ago

More of NFS? I don't think I'm getting it, Gran Turismo 5 is going to be awesome.

Jamegohanssj55644d ago



free2game3655644d ago

One big difference, GRID is an ARCADE racer, this is supposed to be a racing SIM.

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XboxOZ3605645d ago

It was/is indeedy.

I have 2 more cars to get to have all, and still working my way through all the brackets. Anyone say they can finish such games in a few (several hours) is having themselves on big time. Just like Far Cry 2. It's HUGE. Codies do have some great games coming, and I think there's a GRID 2 on the cards by now, and an announcement might be later in the year.

This could prompt them to move a little faster, as it looks like this game is aimed squarly at the same market.

NaiNaiNai5644d ago

heck with dirt 2 coming and a Grid 2 it will be great. im actually very happy they split TOCA like this, makes it to were they can make each kind of race that much better.

on the note of NFS im bored of it, i would much rather see a new SSX. which i haven't seen this gen and im rather annoyed by it. could you imagen the avalanche affects and how big they could make the mountain now.

darkmurder5645d ago

That looks pretty insane, but NFS has been "trying" to revamp the series for the past 2 years with Pro Street and Undercover and still fialed, my hopes aren't high even though it has extreme eye candy

gaminoz5645d ago

Yeah I wonder if they should have just killed it off now that Burnout went a different way.

Oh well, we'll see.

XboxOZ3605644d ago

Everything about the NFS series, especially the previous one Pro Street just reeked of failure. The early look of it seemed dull and very - dare I say - Japanese) . . Not a real "racer" as such.

This on the other hand looks completely different. None of the previous games had such detailed interiors such as racing c.ockpits. Or the detail in the streets etc.

Remember when Codies were first presenting GRID, everyone was bagging them saying it's simply another PGR game, I think the same will apply here.

Codies came through with a completely different look, feel and racing experience in GRID,one they did not have with TOCA. Not that that wasn't a great series, and I miss it a lot, but it did NOT cater for a broader audience.

This is what EA's NFS series needs to do. And this approach, the same as the one Codies took, seems the way racers are going - finally.

Godem5645d ago

imo need for speed died after its PS1 games...

They just went downhill from there...

LastDance5644d ago

Almost completely agree, BUT hot pursuit 2 was far to much fun to forget.

darkdoom30005644d ago

Ah yes, HP2. Loved that game. That was a good game, ferrari's, labogunie's(SP?) and the macleuren F1... none of this Skyline GTR crap.

I think its safe to say that the NFS series went downhill when they went for the "Street Racing" look.

Yo Mama5644d ago

If EA were the least bit interested in getting NFS back on track, they would make another "Hot Pursuit" with next-gen graphics, bad ass sports cars(No Tuners), and cop chases.

Basically Hot Pursuit 2 with updated graphics.


The movie "The Fast and The Furious" ruined EA's racing titles.

XboxOZ3605644d ago

By the looks of the screen and th move to a persistent Online franchise with the PC in both Asia and the world, I don't see them going the old-school way.

They are looking at a new market and way of getting 3 different styles of games out to suit each demographic as best they can. Much better than having one game and trying to make it fit various platforms and lose its self in the process, which is what many of the earlier NFS series did.

Read the full interview at Eurogamer and you'll see what I mean . . .

SAiOSiN5644d ago

actually underground 1 and 2 were phenomenal. my favorite nfs along with hot pursuit 2. i think nfs should go back to the true underground formula. a grid-like style might also be good.