Killzone 2 (Mech Gameplay Trailer)

Cool! Killzone fans should watch this video.

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KillzoneKid3574d ago

looks almost like a CGI movie

ThanatosDMC3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

The arms animation... makes me think of Matrix Revolutions mech on how that infantry controlled their awesome looking toys... though it gave them no frontal protection which is really REALLY stupid...

Also, a lot of FPS games that will come out after Killzone 2 will look like crap... especially those that say PS3 is too hard to develop for and other excuses like that to go multiplat. Just like the new Red Faction game... it'll be a funny one.

cryymoar3574d ago

look all CG. i'm so glad I get to say I own the best looking and best playing console FPS.

Also, are vehicles going to be on the multiplayer? I really wana see some wide open maps with MECH, tank, and jeep battles.

edwineverready3574d ago

damn this game is insane. when i get it first month nobody can keep me away from this game not even a Brazilian girl dancing in front of my screen. just push here aside to play. lol

socomnick3574d ago

nice graphics, but wow terrible voice work. They shoulda hired better voice actors.

ThanatosDMC3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )



I cant wait for newgrounds to make one about Killzone 2... i wonder what it'll be like...

Dir_en_grey3574d ago

The random guy that found the mech sounds so retarded.
The guy in bandana sounds like some trailer park trash too, but that could just be his character.

Some rebuttal comments people post are kinda illogical though, just because there are bad things in other games doesn't make the bad things in your game become ok...

Random bad voice acting shouldn't stop anyone from buying this game, but I gotta say it could've been a lot better.

beavis4play3574d ago

voice acting sounds good to me.

James Vanderbeek3574d ago

I have no clue why people are complaining about the voice acticg.. Sounds good to me.. Im liking it.. If you want to hear bad voice acting go play the fracture demo and haze demo.. now thats bad..

Bathyj3574d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Ok sure, maybe that one guy swears a bit, he sounds like he's pissed, but I swear that much at work, I cant imagine what I'd sound like in battle, dealing with idiots all the time that get you so mad you just want rip their faces off and.....

Sorry got a bit carried away there.

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The story is too old to be commented.