IGN:Making The Conduit

HVS talks about the ups and downs of creating an original hardcore game for Wii in this insightful editorial.

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Product3574d ago

This was actually a really great read on how the fans made the game what it is.
Great devs right here.
The picture comparisons are also crazy to see.

SinnedNogara3573d ago

I think I know what the preorder bonus should be. The game should be packaged with a Wii Download Ticket to download Animales de la Muerte.

Oh and someone clear it up for me. Can the Wii's 512 MB Internal memory be upgraded to like "8 GB" with a FIRMWARE UPGRADE (I wish there was a bold option here). And why do games like Sin & Punishment (a two hour long game) take up 287 blocks on the Wii system memory???

jtucker783573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

512MB can't be upgraded by firmware/software.

No way. Impossible. Not a chance.

512MB is a physical amount of memory. It's absolute. The only way to increase it is with physical hardware. Via USB, SD card slot.

Take out the 512MB and replace it with 8GB, but firmware Update? No.
Unless "Firmware Update" is an alternative phrase for "using a magic spell."

It is possible that there could be a firmware update that compresses saved game data so that it takes up less space, but you can't change the physical size of the Wii's flash storage by software.

Think of the Wii like a car and the memory as the trunk.
Think of firmware updates as new paint jobs or spinners on your rims or tuning the engine.

If you add 20" rims to your car you can't fit more stuff in your trunk can you?
Painting your car won't give you a bigger trunk either will it?

Your car's trunk size is fixed. You can pack your groceries into the trunk better or you can take out stuff that's already in there BUT you can't change the size of your trunk without changing your car.

You can stick a trailer on the back or put a roof rack on the top
- that's like adding a USB drive or large SD card...

BUT the trunk is what it is.

On Topic: Interesting read. The game has come on loads since the earlier versions.

Shoko3574d ago

That was very entertaining to read. I love HVS, and I hope this game will be a million seller.

Product3574d ago

I think it will be more then a million seller.These devs from this article made this game with all the information it could get from fans of fps on the wii and from non fans.
Im calling almost 2 million seller over time.

TruthbeTold3574d ago

this game will sell very well. Even so, I'm going to be buying multiple copies and giving them to friends who normally wouldn't buy it. When it's all said and done, this will likely be the best Wii game of 09, (tough to say with Monster Hunter 3 on the horizon) and one of the top 10 for the console over it's lifetime.

Product3574d ago

Agreed i really think this title will be the wii's Goldeneye not on impact but on its sheer importance to the console.
The visuals look great for wii but the controls are what i cant wait for.True next gen fps controls with online.Sign me up.
If people read the article its funny how mulitplayer almost didnt happen.

gametheory3574d ago

It's not on Wii, what a waste of time.

Product3574d ago

So you were the disagree fairy.

" know where to get my next-gen FPS fix"
Me too a pc. but for control this will be a great addition for me.

Immortal Kaim3574d ago

Really looking forward to this game. Interesting read.

TriforceLightning3574d ago

Much props to HVS and SEGA for this awesome game that's only on the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.