PS3 sales on par with Xbox 360 due to better lineup and price drop

The PS3 and the Xbox 360 has been battling it out in 2008 for the top spot. The results are in and it looks like both systems sold/shipped approximately 10.8 million for the entire year. The reason why both systems were in dead heat for 2008 is mainly due to two factors: better games and price drop.

Not only did the Xbox 360 and PS3 sell the same amount, the best console exclusives games also sold around the same amount with MGS4 and Gears of War 2 mingling around the 5 million mark.

Will the PS3 and Xbox 360 sell around the same amount in 2009? I predict that the PS3 will start off strong with a solid middle while the Xbox 360 finishes up strong again. It will be an interesting year to see how things will play out.

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Kamikaze1355418d ago

Yeah, they're talking about the $599.99 price tag at launch. It's $399.99 now.

GiantEnemyCrab5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

The Xbox 360 sold more but of course it will be "they sold the same".

The PS3 made up ZERO ground in 08 on the 360 total install base and it actually expanded a bit from where we started 08.

Of course it's from gamerblorge so I'm sure it's one of the PS3 nutters on damage control from here.Funny to think it all started off with those same nutters screaming "It's the Year of the PS3". Now they have to spin it just to make it a tie with the 360. LOL What a joke.

But whatever, just enjoy you're system whether you're first or third.

edwineverready5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

That they sold the same world wide. i think xbox360 and ps3 will have a neck on neck race untill the end of this generation. xbox360 winning because they started 1 year early.

DavidMacDougall5418d ago

Yeah but Crabby the ps3 is better :)

GiantEnemyCrab5418d ago

haha Touche David!

I just bought a PS3 and it is a great system. =)

morganfell5418d ago

And Crab is one of those imbeciles that think VGChartz figures are accurate. He has too as it is the only hope he has left. It is what Greenberg resorted to in order to maintain that cheesy ass smile on his face.

And that is fading...rapidly. Everyone and their mother knows this past Christmas season was the last hail mary for the 360.

Games sell consoles. The big must have titles this year are either multiplatform or they belong to the PS3. Sony is starting to swing the axe this year that made the PS2 great - the RPG axe. With one shot across the bow they buried MS in Japan.

And there isn't a damn thing MS can do. They can't cut the price again, they have no big games on the horizon, and everyone that is a gamer is pushing their 360 aside and looking to something Sony knows how to do. Innovate. The 360 is nothing more than an Xbox with some stolen Miis and slightly better looking games than the last generation.

Think about it. Has the 360 really grown over last gen in terms of innovation? No. MS still has a 2001 design mentality and now all of the price drops and spruced up menus won't change the fact they are outdated, outclassed, and on their last gasp. By the next NPD things will have already started to calm down. The handwriting is on the wall and only the severely brain dead are standing there looking at it and like Crab are scribbling, their own phone number beside the words, "For a good time call..."


You really need to get a 360 and play it, You said it right, games sales consoles I dont know about you but PS3 games just dont sell as many as Xbox360 games do, every 360 owner owns at least 8 games not counting people like me who owns more than 40 games. You say Xbox has no good games?? you got it all wrong we have the best games out there and the sales says it all, who cares about the hi-tech the PS3 has what all real gamers care is having fun with each other on-line, chat with other people while playing, we can even video chat if we want, watch movies from Netflix, have picture parties with up to eight players, can you chat with 8 people and play different games at the same time, now thats inovation son.
PS3 keeps promising inovation and better games who keeps dissapointing (Haze, Socom navy seals) just to name a few.
Well you do the math games are all that really matters, Blueray players are getting cheaper every month and movies are damm expensive , Im going to play Resident evil 5 co-op with my online friends right now, Whats that?, you dont have the demo yet? uuhhmmm well thats not inovation all.

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chaosatom5418d ago

LOL, at getting sandwiched between Jack who and Giant Crab.

They are the same guy. LOL.

jack who5418d ago

and your just a crack head

KillzoneKid5418d ago

why dont you just leave this site

go to ur xbotkings rather

at twice the price point ps3 matched x360 in 2008

imagine x360 sales in 2009 where it will be up against Killzone 2 and Heavy rain. Not to mention that all x360 has this year are just lame DLC

see if your x360 can survive the KZ2 blow

GiantEnemyCrab5418d ago

KillzoneKid: Right now, I want you to PM Catastrophe and ask her about dupe accounts. If she doesn't laugh you off she can easily verify that myself and whoever the funk you think I am are not the same person.

You share the same dillusion about yourself as you do about your console. You are the biggest nutter on this site and have been banned numberous times because you are just outrageous in your behavior on N4G. Your writing style is easily picked out. I've literally lost track of how many accounts you've made.

You disappear each time you get owned and then come back with a new identity. Take your own advice and just leave this site the admins have expressed how much they hate you and even your own fellow fanboys use you as an example of failure.

KillzoneKid5418d ago

right now

get out of here and go back to XBoxkings

why are u here in the first place?

morganfell5418d ago

"your just a crackhead"

Ha ha, I love self pwnage.

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Raoh5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

at the people in the open zone. you didnt read the article.

the article discusses why the ps3 and 360 are in a dead heat.

reason one. the ps3 has a great game line up.

reason two. the 360 had a price drop.

both did pretty well for those reasons.

in other words the ps3 did not do better due to a price drop because it had none.

the 360 did not do better do to the line up as ps3 was selling more game consoles prior to the 360's price drop.

the example used in other articles is that from january to july/august the ps3 was pretty much in the lead.

from august/september to december the 360 took off and caught up due to the price drop.

Why dis5418d ago

If that helps you sleep better.

Raoh5418d ago

it does. its obvious that it wasnt the ps3's price that helped it sell. must be the games.

here are the npd sales from month to month to help tuck you in tonight to see my point.


DutyCalls5418d ago

i have Whydis in my ignore list

SAiOSiN5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

@why dis
why are u so insecure? Raoh had a good point and was not biased at all. ur just a pathetic fanboy.

chaosatom5418d ago

but at the same time i am :)

soxfan20055418d ago

So, if Sony drops the PS3 price, and it catches up to 360, will it be only because of the price drop? That seems to be the logic here (or lack of it).

Weapon X5418d ago

and get better because it is a [[[better]]] console. End of story.

SL1M DADDY5418d ago

They discover that all their lies about the PS3 falling far behind were just that, lies and what do they do? They buddy up and report the truth. What's to come of all the months the media slammed the PS3 all the while it was selling just as well as the 360 and with a price point of twice as much? Shame on the media.

Kill Crow5418d ago

That they didn't sell the same amount at the same time. PS3 sales were higher for most of the year, a continuation of the good sales over xbox from the end of 2007. However, Xbox sold and incredible amount in a short period of time, and from the looks of things this year is continuing to do so ...

The fact is that the 360 has recovered any lost ground due to the PS3's launch and so called good lineup(I say so called because lbp and R2 didn't make any difference so I think the lineup point is no point at all) ...

Statistically PS3 is still selling well, but the simple mathematics invoved state that in order to overcome the estimated 6 million lead m$ started with, they have to sell MORE ps3's than the xbox. it's really that simple.

Right now the gap is going the other way and I'm sure you can allk do the math from there ...

indyman77775418d ago

What are you delusional just because a article is fanning you?
Do you believe in math?
1 PS3 28 Million, xbox360 17million.
2 PS3 40% behind xbox360 in sales.
3 More math double PS3 sales leave 360 sales same and it takes
until 2014 just to catch up!
4 Math hundreds more xbox360 games.
5 Math Microsoft is doing bad if they profit 4.17 billion
instead of 4.71 billion, Sony is doing bad losing 1.7
billion, instead of making $1 yes one dollar.
6 Microsoft will release over 130 games in 2009, Sony not so
7 Sony may cut price, Microsoft promised to match!
8 Sony 9 AAA titles Microsoft 30 (source wikipedia.com)
9 Square Enix has already released three games for xbox 360 that
are not on PS3 already Star Ocean is next! in less than 30
days! Fact xbox360 has way more JRPG's than PS3.
10 Fact PS3 has had 12 system savoirs already, still waiting.
11 Fact all top games began with 100% ratings and then the
averages fall. KS2 is already getting as low as 90%
making it only a great game not the best game. Also all
except one of those are playstation magazine.