News Roundup: DJ Hero Slip Up, Lich King Classes That Didn't Make the Cut

DJ Hero officially announced. Catch up on all of the news from today that was actually interesting while avoiding all the filler.

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cain1413574d ago

I knew the oft rumored DJ hero would finally see the light of day!

dannyhinote_133574d ago

Yeah, but I'm not in the least bit excited about it. Music games are losing their luster for me.

James Abels3574d ago

I wish they woulda did all classes for wow, I have 1 of each now lol NEED MOAR

mr durand pierre3574d ago

I kind of hope the PS4 specs aren't real, because that would mean they're closer than I thought to creating one, and I'm afraid of how much they're going to charge. Especially in this wintry economic climate.

cain1413574d ago

I'm pretty sure that the PS3 will be around for close to that ten year bench mark...

BetaChris3574d ago

It's no secret that Sony has most likely been working on the PS3's successor since the PS3 itself launched, but the real question is how far in development is it?

Personally, I would be very surprised if Sony released the PS4 anytime before 2012. 3 years seems like a relatively short period of time from now, but 2012 will mark the six year anniversary of the PS3's launch.

Of course, there is the possibility that Sony would release it earlier, but like any product worth waiting for, the PS4 is "done when it's done"

NeverforgetNES3574d ago

DJ Hero....All my dreams have come true!

burgercomic253574d ago

I will like to see what they do with DJ Hero.

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