Are Video Games a Dying Art Form?


For over fifteen years I have been religiously purchasing and playing some of the greatest works of art ever conceived (games). The masterful artists that I so respected, the developers of old, released ground-breaking title after ground-breaking title to this ever expanding and progressing community of gamers. However, something seems to have happened just recently. Something I am having difficulty understanding, let alone explaining. Do painters reach a point in their lives when they sit back and say to themselves, "You know, I just can't see the beauty in things anymore. I have nothing else to paint.", or do poets slowly stop weaving words of wonder as they age? Of course not! Artists continue with their craft, improving and improving and improving until death takes them from this world. So why, I dare ask, have recent developers, proven artists all, been wavering in their ability to provide their fans with works equally skillful as those in days long passed?

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4pocalyps33641d ago

since when did video games become known as dying....?

btmgov3640d ago

Simple. It doesn't cost the painter that much more now then it did years ago to do his/her work. It certainly doesn't cost the poet any more at all now then years ago. It cost the video game maker an astronomical amount more to create a finished product now then did even three years ago, let alone fifteen or twenty years ago. Time is also a factor. Time spent by a painter or a poet is no more now then it was years ago. Time spent to develop a video game, once again, is a an astronomical amount more now then it was just a few years ago.