Fallout 3 to Pull a Halo 3 and Break the 1250 Achievement Point Cap

x360a writes:

"OXM's podcast recently uncovered a priceless gem of information for all Fallout 3 and achievement fans worldwide. Todd Howard, Fallout 3's Executive Producer stated that Fallout 3 will hit the 1350 mark after the March DLC pack titled "Broken Steel"."

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GiantEnemyCrab3549d ago

I already finished Operation Anchorage and I need more DLC!! Hurry up Bethesda. =)

ASSASSYN 36o3549d ago

Same here. And the stealth suit was worth the download. I play the game diffrently now.

GiantEnemyCrab3549d ago

Totally agree! As well as the Gauge rifle.

meatnormous3549d ago

I'm playing oblivion and its cap is 1250. it doesn't have any points for the knights of the nine quest either. Is Fallout that good of a game cause I like Bethesda games.

Covenant3548d ago

Sweet. More Fallout + more achievements = very happy me.

PureGamer3548d ago

Nice. What exactly does the stealth suit do? i have it on but it does nothing is it suppost to do somthing?