Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC Screenshot Blowout

A wealth of new screenshots from The Lost and Damned, Rockstar's $20 expansion for Grand Theft Auto IV, have surfaced, showing off more of the forthcoming biker antics.

Explosions? Check. Gunplay? Uh-huh. Sitting on a hog, drinking a beer at sunrise, and admiring the Liberty City skyline whilst reminiscing of better times? You know it.

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Kazu0 Hirai3552d ago

I wish my company was smart enough and successful enough to acquire DLC like this for my console, the Playstation 3. No wonder we are in last place.

dukadork23552d ago

did they fix:

the driving
the riding
the flying
the gunplay
the melee combat
the cover system
the repetitive gameplay
the streaming bugs
the other bugs

a year later, the only things left in my mind from this game are the city and the hilarious TV and radio stations. otherwise it's a tedious buggy gangsta simulator with gameplay that's broken beyond repair.

panasonic233551d ago

kick a$$ only on 360 i can't wait .