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PSBlog: "Hey there, PlayStation.Blog reader! You may have noticed the addition of Chris Morell to our staff in December. If not, I encourage you to head over to his Flower interview and giggle at the freeze-frame there. It's OK, I'll wait.

There, wasn't that worth it?

Besides making faces for the camera, Chris has enabled us, your PlayStation Social Media Team, to think a bit more expansively. We want to do more with our existing Facebook and Twitter accounts. We want to produce more video (and audio?) content for the Blog. Basically, to do more of the stuff that you like, and to do the things you already like, only better."

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CrippleH3642d ago

Podcast that's all the need to be said.

whoelse3642d ago

@Question 11:

Please put in Europe!!!

P.S. I did read Jeff saying that a podcast is in the works :)

Andronix3642d ago

Since launch I think the Blog has been a great success in centralising the voice of PlayStation to the community, and it keeps improving.

I have requested PSN ID card integration with live TROPHY updates & PC to PS3 messaging!

Last year we (finally) got in-game XMB and Trophies, what will we get this year? I'm betting on big messaging improvements come Firmware 3.0. I can't wait!

FarEastOrient3642d ago

Atleast Sony listens to their customers better than Microsoft, so fat Big M is killing my PC side of gaming. I'm going to depend more on Blizzard and East European gaming companies to fill in my PC gaming needs. :(

These surveys is how they are changing the way Playstation Home has been executed and some of it faster than I originally thought.

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Sangria3643d ago

Done. Let's hope they will hear my cry for an European Playstation.Blog.

Israfel3642d ago


Karum3643d ago

Survey done.

I said I'd love to see more developer video interviews!

Giriath3642d ago

Survey complete.

More developer interviews and a pod-cast would be great!

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The story is too old to be commented.