Sony Disputes Xbox Sales Numbers in Europe

Earlier this month, Microsoft trumpeted a series of sales numbers for the Xbox 360, including that in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Xbox had extended its lead over the PS3 by more than 1 million units. Not so, says Sony.

In a wide-ranging interview with EuroGamer, David Reeves, who heads up Sony's operations in Europe, says Sony's numbers show that the two consoles are "absolutely neck-and-neck" in the region.

"What happened was, we overtook them, and they dropped the price," he says. "It's almost as if we've gone ten rounds as Mohammed Ali and we're still standing, because we didn't drop the price. We held firm."

"Now, going into the remaining rounds and....

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KillzoneKid3574d ago

we can look at various sales charts of PAl regions and then we will see that x360 is really doing badI

we already seen the YTD sales of france/italy/spain and other european countries

so definitely MS numbers are fake

also PS3 sold 21.3 million units last year which is way more than what MS claimed -20 million

I think the installed based of x360 worldwide could be atbest 25 million since MS inflated sales

3574d ago
KillzoneKid3574d ago

But facts are facts
have we ever seen an x360 game on any chart excepting UK?

have we really seen one?

the hardware numbers of italy/france/spain were posted and PS3 was ahead by a long shot

poor Microsft and their lies

chaosatom3574d ago

Microsoft leads in Us and that's it. 7 million difference is because of that.

N4PS3G3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

My god! Account # 12,198,137 and still counting

how do you breathe??

Serjikal_Strike3574d ago

i agree with you on that one

jaysquared3574d ago

Why dispute it when your getting killed by Nintendo and M$ is selling as much as you.. When last gen you were killing both of them combined by outselling them 5 to 1 with the PS2... PS3 is obviously not going to come in first anymore or the 360 its just a battle for second now.

burbulla3574d ago

At least one of these giants are lying, now which one is it?

Danja3574d ago

well there you have it it took a price cut for them to get even with the much for that 16 month lead in Europe plus I lost count of how many price cuts...

next on the Agenda NA..

eagle213574d ago

PS3 is king. In EU and JP, it's no contest. March 23, 2009 marks only TWO years for PS3 in EU. MS is "scurrred" (lol)

greenberg got KO'd!

Damn, I luv Sony. :)

3574d ago
kws10653574d ago

PS3 was outselling both in monthly sale and life-time sale way more than 360 until MS drops 360 price. And the effect of price drop seems gone by now.

What's next? Buy one 360 get another free?

lelo3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Lies... lies ... lies ... Sony say one thing... MS say another thing. So who to trust? No one... they are both lying. Sony pushes the tide to there end and MS pushes to their end. The truth must be in-between what both said. MS says 1 million lead and Sony say it’s tide… so the truth must be about 500k difference in Europe to X360.

...and it's about 7-8 million difference World Wide...

... and the Wii is winning by a large margin both the PS3 and X360...

Sitdown3574d ago

so interesting to see people say...well the ps3 was leading till the 360 dropped in price.........okay,and? Its what companies do...was Microsoft suppose to say...oh wow, you guys are beating us.....and move on. The way you guys say it, it is like it is a bad thing or a diss.

Its weird that you compare the price of the 360 with that of the wii, when you are making a sales comparison between the 360 and the ps3.

Ummm, you do realize what it takes for a game to get on a chart right? So you do realize your bringing that up to make your case really does not work, right?

I have to agree with a degree, why is Sony even wasting its time disputing numbers....just continue to do your job, and let the figures speak for themselves.

kws10653574d ago

"Who got the lower price" competition is nothing but a waste. It's like...instead of working out to build your body, eat no food to lose your weight. Good for nothing.

"Who got the better quality games" is the good competition. I guess that's why Sony decides not to drop its price and provides amazing games such as KZ2.

Blademask3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

"What happened was, we overtook them, and they dropped the price," he says. "It's almost as if we've gone ten rounds as Mohammed Ali and we're still standing, because we didn't drop the price. We held firm."

@ Sitdown, stop spinning it.

No one is saying its a NEGATIVE thing that MS dropped the price. The only negative point is that MSMEdia is pretending as if their console is priced competitively and is in higher demand than the ps3. Its not, its what everyone has been saying all this time. Sony holds its own with all of Microsofts pricedrops, and the only negative fault anyone can hold against sony, is its price.Sony doesn't have to drop its price to be sold competitively as its shown here, and everywhere else in the world. Thats what you're missing. Thats the only argument that was ever made.

If MS can afford to drop their price, POWER TO THEM! But its not like Sony has to follow suit anytime soon if they can deal with selling more PS3's than the 360 did at this point in its lifetime. No spin, just truth. Microsoft seems to be under the impression that its a race to the lowest price, but Nintendo & Sony have both shown that price is not the only issue, else the 360 would be ahead of the Wii.

Sitdown3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

anybody can see that using that line is a common tactic.....and many people have been using it in a negative connotation......and while you at it, check my post, and you will see I have no reason to spin it......can you say that with regards to your one-sided post? Didn't think so......thanks, and good day sir.

soxfan20053574d ago

So, anything that a Sony PR person says is absolute truth, and anything a MS PR person says is an absolute lie. Be a fanboy, support your favorite console, but really, don't be so blinded by devotion to a corporation.

ThanatosDMC3574d ago

Is it me or are the top dogs at Sony starting to bear their fangs at Microsoft?

Where's Shane Kim and those other funny guys?

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PirateThom3574d ago

You are aware UKResistance is a troll site, aren't you?

KillzoneKid3574d ago

Aaron Greenburg is even worse

8m lead

oh yeah

then why is 28m - 21.35m = 6.6million

also MS reports refurbished as sales too

callahan093574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Particularly in response to your first link, those PS3's WERE made for the UK. Reeves didn't lie. It was SCE global offices that LATER decided to take those UK allocated PS3 stocks and recode their region locks to NTSC regions and release them in the United States to meet demand there, thus delaying the UK launch. But Mr. Reeves didn't lie that the PS3's were indeed being made for the UK.

And in response to your second link, that only includes the UK. David Reeves said "all PAL territories." Once again, UKResistance is debunked for the troll fanboy crap that they are.

GiantEnemyCrab3574d ago

Just David Reeves? Try all of Sony. Give them an inch and they'll install a rootkit on your PC to spy on you. LOL

Sony you just need to shut up and stop crying about the competition and get your install base to match the 360 or even better beat it. In the meanwhile, here is a tissue.

cayal3574d ago

"Sony you just need to shut up and stop crying about the competition and get your install base to match the 360 or even better beat it."

It must really hurt you fanboys that the PS3 sells better on a yearly basis then the 360 does.

GiantEnemyCrab3574d ago

cayal: That would be great if it were true but in 08 the 360 has beat the PS3 in WW sales, even if by not that much. Sony made up zero ground on the 360 in 08 and actually lost a bit.

Still the PS3 is doing just fine, the install base is there for it to get the support and that's really all that console sales numbers should mean to gamers. The console war between PS3 and 360 is getting so old.

callahan093574d ago

Well, considering that the 360 released more exclusives in 2008 (this is factual), started the year costing less (factual), and entered the last quarter with a price drop that made it the cheapest console on the market besides PS2 (also factual), while the PS3 stood firm at the same price all year long... I'd say that the PS3 selling literally 99.7% of the amount of units the 360 sold (10.77 million vs. 10.8 million, right?) is a remarkable achievement, and anyone who says otherwise is just fooling themselves.

cayal3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )


Put to use some 2nd grade math skills and divide total 360 sales by existence and total PS3 sales by existence.

28/3 = 9.3

20/2 = 10

The only reason the 360 is in front was the year head start and that is a fact.
Oh and I am being generous with the 2 years for the PS3 considering the releases were varied.

You say Sony need to stop crying and match the 360 sales. They are doing that. They can't turn back the clock and release the console a year earlier, but you can't dispute facts on released numbers.

Spin it anyway you want. Numbers prove PS3 sells equal, if not better than the 360 on a yearly average.

karlostomy3574d ago


so, in 2008, the ps3 released:
mgs4, lbp, resistance 2, motorstorm2

and STILL got outsold by that upstart little 360 that the sdf is doing their best to ignore?

callahan093573d ago

What's your point Karl?

So, in 2008, the 360 released Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, a couple Square-Enix RPG's, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, a new Banjo Kazooie, and it was the cheapest console to buy and play Grand Theft Auto 4, Call of Duty World At War, and all multiplatforms on, AND it had a price drop in the 3rd quarter making it cheaper than the Wii, while none of its competitors dropped price, and it can only *essentially BREAK EVEN* with the most expensive console on the market with the smallest games library?

See, spin works both ways, friend.

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PirateThom3574d ago

I'd say Europe is the reason Microsoft's "8m lead" turned out to be little over 7m.

Why dis3574d ago

Of course they do.

The only problem is the other tracking companies over there back MSFT's claims.

Sony and pals need to focus on PS3 sales not the competition's success.

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

absolutely no one

when you consider PAL region (europe+middle east+other regions) PS3 will always be on top

also PS3 matched x360's sales last year.

competition's success???


at 200$ with gears 2 and fable 2 x360 = ps3 last year

imagine sales this year with KZ2 and Heavy rain on PS3's side and mere games like ALan wait on X360's side

Why dis3574d ago

Who is POG kid?

Yip yapping isn't going to make this news real.

GiantEnemyCrab3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Oh look it's Nasim and yet another dupe account. Time to kill yet another one of your FUD and lie spreading accounts.

Still talking like your #1 when you are #3..u bu bu but just you wait.

RememberThe3573574d ago

It's actually pathetic... Both consoles are selling very well so shut the hell up.

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