Last-gen beats next-gen in latest UK charts

This week's official charts have been released for full price launches in the UK and Final Fantasy XII on PS2 has come in ahead of 360's Crackdown.

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Hayabusa 1174440d ago

As if it hasn't happened before or something...

calderra4440d ago

No offense to Europe, but in a land where the bestselling game of last year was FIFA 07... I mean c'mon. XD

Seriously though, it's Final Fantasy. Regardless of platform, it'll destroy.

PureGamer4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

we not into overrated sports like NFL or baseball cmon!

to the below soz dude i actually dont know why i put hockey in there i actually like the ice hockey but ye nascar i just overlooked that it doesnt deserve to be on there ha ha.

Rooted_Dust4440d ago

I agree with you about baseball and NFL but leave Hockey out of it. Ultimately it's the same concept as football(European), and it requires just as much skill and talent. And on the subject of overate in the hell did you overlook Nascar?

pshizle4440d ago

MLB NFL NBA fo life


chitown4440d ago

hell ya. thats why the superbowl is the most watched tv event right??? pshhh soccer yea right. mlb nba and nfl anyday

Hayabusa 1174439d ago

Shouldn't you be playing football with your feet...