More proof of PC gamers turning to downloads?

For the past year or so, the PC gaming industry has been working on the assumption that retail sales of games were on the way out and that digital downloads are taking more and more market share. Last August, the non-profit PC Gaming Alliance posted up a report that claimed the industry brought in $10.7 billion in revenue in 2007 with only 30 percent of that number from retail sales of games.

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Crueltylizer3546d ago

We might aswell download the games. Most people have hard drives that are big for game downloads. So there really isn't any need for the covers and cd's anymore is there?

INehalemEXI3546d ago

They make for good back ups when theres no DRM. I DD for instant gratification.

dredgewalker3546d ago

I think both can co-exist. Ive lost so many files due to hardware crash and the physical copy always saves the day.

meepmoopmeep3545d ago

yeah i agree, they can and probably will co-exist.

Burnout Paradise just dropped to $19.99 on PSN
i'm not a big fan of DDL but at that price i'm on it.

free2game3653545d ago

over the last year was the first time I've bought full release games on steam, Mass Effect, GTA4, and Left 4 Dead, so I guess part of this is pretty plausible.

QQcrybaby3545d ago

I haven't bought a PC game on DVD since WOW in 2004. Not surprisingly, that is when Steam came out.

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