Sony Denies Leaked PS4 Specs Report has reported that they spoke with a Rep from Sony about's report from yesterday "PlayStation 4 Plan Details Leaked." The Sony rep. "flatly denied there's any truth to it." However the report had already taken the web by storm.

For now will take Sony on their word that the leak plans are false, but one has to wonder if the report is false, does Sony see potential in the idea?

The ideas presented in the translated blog seemed very well thought out. They seek to reduce manufacturing costs for the PS4 by basing the it off of the existing....

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StoneySweatLeafs3575d ago

They always deny everything.

KillzoneKid3575d ago

come on

do u really expect Ps4 to be just 2x as powerful as PS3???

all that PS4 crap are just fake. they came from a japanese expert and a wii fanboy

JsonHenry3575d ago

The next set of consoles will pretty much match the current mid-high end PC capabilities of the time. Just like previous consoles with the exception of the Wii.

You want to know what is in the consoles next gen? Look at the current gen PCs.

thats_just_prime3575d ago

The fact that they deny it proves that its real. Isnt that the logic on n4g ?

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oriol0033575d ago

Yeah I know I bet they are hiding something considering how fast they replied besides why would they say its true even if it was true their competitors would know what Sony is up to and that would be a big failure for Sony.

pixelsword3575d ago

if they are planning a 10 year console and people are always dropping rumors to the contrary, people might believe that and wait a year or so for a console that's not coming out.

Sarick3575d ago

Yea, they deny any unofficial sources. Doesn't mean part or any of it is real or fake.

KillzoneKid3575d ago

PS4 will be atleast 10 times as powerful as PS3


StoneySweatLeafs3575d ago

The hole point though is that they want to cut costs. To make the next system cheaper.

KillzoneKid3575d ago

so do you think by 2012 when graphics card become 50 times as powerful as what you are having now

SONY would really consider using un updated RSX and updated CELL?

phosphor1123575d ago

the guys explanation was so laughable. All he did was talk about the Cell, and rambled, repeating the same things about the technology over and over, just in different ways.

Sarick3575d ago

It'd still be a cell chip. The design and functionality it could be cranked up, More Cells could be stacked on the main board, Higher processor speeds.

Look, a good example is the Wii. It's not much over a power improvement over last gen but managed to attract masses do to other design concepts.

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Crueltylizer3575d ago

I think we just need to focus on the PS3 for now and be happy with it. When Sony is ready they'll tell us their plan on PS4 :)

Madgunner3575d ago

they will deny it .. its fake... until we start seeing signs of the next successor to bluray then we arent going to see any specs

StoneySweatLeafs3575d ago

When PS4 hits blue ray will be the standard and dvd will be gone. It's not going to be a new movie format every time a new console is released.

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