Gears of War's Cliffy B says "I think that Resistance is an excellent game"

In an interview by Dean Takashi, Gears of War developer Cliffy B reveals his opinions on his rival's game.

"I think that Resistance is an excellent game. Insomniac is an amazing developer," Cliffy B replied, adding that he's "thoroughly looking forward to the new Ratchet & Clank," while explaining that the reason GoW's atmosphere and universe boasted such sci-fi solidity was that Epic "had a team that saw the same vision and bought into it".

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JasonXE4437d ago

why can't we all follow cliffy b example and be this way with our consoles. To much hate between each other (fanboyism) and we should all get a long.

BIadestarX4437d ago

"why can't we all follow cliffy b example and be this way with our consoles." that's because for the most part the consoles manufacturers are fanboys and are always trying to start a flame war. For example, everytime a Sony PR opens his mouth is about how the PS3 is the best game console on earth and the others consoles are $h!t. Notice how fanboys are a reflection of the company that produce their consoles.

Ravenator5294437d ago

Whether you like it or not, faboyism is a big part of the gaming community. And with the high prices of these systems, it only makes it worse because for many people, the price forces them into buying only one of the consoles.

GaMr-4437d ago


If your taking sides of PR's your out of your mind. Its their job to flame the competition. Nintendo takes shots Sony takes shots and Microsoft takes shots. When they do it its called marketing. When random obessed fan comes into a forum like this one and do it. Then its called "Fanboying". Dont get it twisted.

AlexNC4437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

Over the past 5 years, the negative approach to gaming news has become the standard. And it's awful. Just take a look at They are basically the "Entertainment Tonight" of the gaming blogs. They always take a negative approach to every subject. And many other sites do the same. I think it's great to see developers congratulating each other. If you don't have respect and learn from your competition, then your only hurting yourself. Look at Nintendo and Mocrosoft's relationship. They hardly ever bad mouth each other, many time complementing each other instead. Sure you see MS blast Sony every so often, but that usually comes after Sony badmouth MS or spins the truth about something.

I wish the whole gaming blog/news industry would get off the hate train and start reporting facts, rather that rumors. It funny how game magazines used to have one little section called "Rumor Report". It probably took up 1 page of the entire magazine. Now, with these daily blogs, the rumors take up the 90% of the information they post. cough cough ...

[to poster above] Negativity is not marketing. Most of the time is it misquoting by these panzy gaming blog sites. Drama gets peoples attention ... makes for "good" blogs.

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The story is too old to be commented.