Upcoming PS3 releases for February 2009

PS3Center takes a look at all the titles due out for the PS3 in February 2009.

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shadowfox3641d ago

KZ2, SF4, Fear 2 = empty wallet.

gauntletpython3641d ago

Add Flower and thats my list.

Serjikal_Strike3641d ago

are guaranteed to be on my shelf in Feb.

rroded3641d ago

feb 27th cant get here soon nough

3641d ago
KillzoneKid3641d ago

dont care about other lame multiplat titles

just one game to rule all in 2009 = KILLZOWN 2

meepmoopmeep3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Flower, SF4 and KZ2

but i count KZ2 as a March purchase

Doppy3641d ago

No one wants 50 Bullet Proof or X-Blades (looks like DMC meets anime)?

Seriously though I'll be getting Yakuza 3 if it has English subtitles. Its rumored to come out Feb. 27.

So that's

Killzone 2
Street Fighter 4
Yakuza 3
F.E.A.R. 2

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Satanas3641d ago

And it needs no introduction. 50 CENT: BLOOD ON THE SAND

Ahh who am I shïttin' it's all about that Killzone.

Sevir043641d ago

KZ2 and SF4 everything else this month can all burn away. fear 2 wont be the game i'm getting, not with KZ2 right around the corner.

blu3print3641d ago

How they predicted what games will release in feb 2009 on PS3 every since Jan 15th 1970

Diugu3641d ago

That is credibility, they were right on the money.


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The story is too old to be commented.