Gamepro Reviews Formula One Championship Edition (5.0 /5.0)

Gamepro has posted their review of Formula One Championship Edition and gives the game an impressive 5.0 out of 5.0

"With blazing speeds approaching 215 miles per hour, fragile cars, and highly demanding, technical race courses, the international F1 circuit serves as an interesting counterpoint to the far more popular macho, roughneck world of NASCAR.

Amazingly, Formula One Championship Edition captures all of these themes. Perhaps the greatest compliment that can be paid to this game is that it feels markedly different than a NASCAR racing game."

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Antan4278d ago

5 out of 5! ........well looking at all reviews of this game so far, its clear as sky you need to play the thing for your self..........4 out of 10 on one hand, then 5 out of 5 on the other! One thing thats common in all the reviews however is that its a fine looking piece of software! Ill try the demo 1st i think.

BrotherSic4278d ago

I think the general opinion is 7 / 10 which sounds about right for me.

decent graphics but limited gameplay in a genre which is extremely niche. They have been creating F1 games for years and all that improves is the graphics.

specialguest4278d ago

You're probally right. If you round up the ratings from other reviewers, the average would be somewhere around a 7. As for that one rating that was 4.something, that was way off and didn't seem fair.

r10004278d ago

Yea this game looks good.... but I'm not into racers... Although I have Motorstorm preordered and payed in full... thats a fun game...

Chagy4278d ago

yup i got that on pre order 2 i cant wait i keep on playing the demo its fun 7 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

neways F1 is good it will just get boring after a while

Bathyj4278d ago

Finally a review from someone who actually seems to like F1 games. Theres are good idea. The gameplay looks awesome if you like this sort of racer. I'd rather play GT than Burnout so I like the more sim typre racers. I like quick cars that will do whatever you ask them to, as long as your good enough to give the right directions. Still trying to decide if this, or VF5 will be my 3rd game.

MikeGdaGod4278d ago

but then again i'm not into this type of racer. i'm glad there's a demo for it, that way i know what i'm missing and can always play it.

MS7XWDC4278d ago

nothing about features ... basically it was "Wow, a great sense of speed !!!"

Quisp4278d ago

How can they give it a perfect score when the game doesnt even have Forcefeedback? Garbage review

Bathyj4277d ago

So in other words no game on PS3 is going to be good in your eyes because theres no vibrations.