Demon's Soul : a long gameplay video

Gamekyo writes:

"Expected the 5th February in Japan, From Software's game Demon's Soul brings us, via this japanese TV show, in its medieval universe. You'll be able to see gameplay footages and cinematics."

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beavis4play3549d ago

interesting. of course it would have been even better........if i knew what the he11 they were saying!
if this game makes it to NA, i figure to be getting it. i loved oblivion and this looks to be a more evil, nastier version of that.
that big enemy that killed the girl playing was pretty cool. i liked the "one-hit" kills too.

Kain813549d ago

than you can pre-order it from, cause the PS3 is region free and Demons Soul has english subtitles.

3549d ago
beavis4play3549d ago

i'm gonna do that if i have to but i'm holding out for a NA release. besides that, my pre-order KZ demo goes live next week, so i'll be into KZ2 for a good while.

peedie163549d ago

the enemies in this game are massive

Skyreno3549d ago

Sweet!!! love how girl die 2 or 3 hits dead, love enemies there alot also big, and way better than oblivion

Serjikal_Strike3548d ago

i need to see more actual gameplay tho

Bazookajoe_833548d ago

I will probably pick this one up :-)

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