LittleBigPlanet sells 2 million copies!

PS3Hype writes: 'LittleBigPlanet (or Sackboy) has become the image of the PlayStation 3. But because of the wrong scheduled release, the game has not sold as expected. Yet 2 million is not nothing, and the people at Media Molecule can be very happy about this numbers!'

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chaosatom3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I will buy it when it comes down on the price. There is nothing wrong with waiting. I will just have more awesome levels to play.

The 2-4 co-op offline and online element is what drives the game. It's implementation is really good.

Edit: it's 60 bucks in US. 18 euros, is that like 25 bucks!

doctorstrange3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

here in UK amazon has it for £18

its nice to finally get stuff cheaper here. oh and its pounds by the way not euros

3575d ago
Genesis53575d ago

It's one of thoughs games that will just keep on selling for the life of the console.

Silellak3575d ago

It always makes me happy to see creative/unique games succeed.

lord_of_balrogs3575d ago

So VGChartz are good and credible now?

Serjikal_Strike3575d ago

Its an impressive number in sales...and it will keep going up for sure

This game keeps getting better with new levels added almost daily

anywho..congrats again

ultimolu3575d ago

Even without VG Chartz, anyone would a brain could see this game would continue to sell.

Aquanox3575d ago

VgChartz is usually right for hardware, but they have been terribly wrong with LBP.

By the time their numbers were at 1.8 million for LBP, Kaz Hirai announced they were at 1.2 million. 66% of deviance is not acceptable.

lord_of_balrogs3575d ago


I'm not criticising the game and I think it's a good game but the people who are praising it's sales of 2 million *coughChaosatom* are the same ones who criticise VGChartz sales for other games.

ultimolu3575d ago

...All VG Chartz did was inflate 360 numbers. I don't even think they're credible with hardware!

Tony P3575d ago

Everyone keeps wavering between accuracy. I'm not sure what to believe.

Safe to say congratulations to MM for making a good game regardless of sales.

jaysquared3575d ago

Wow with how bad LBP online was with just 500k in its first months its probably gotten worst now!

gaffyh3575d ago

LMAO @jaysquared, you've obviously never played the game, because the online problems were fixed pretty quickly. Funny how xbox fanboys twist good news to be bad news lol.

On topic - keep going LBP you've done the UK proud.

Danja3575d ago

well so much for that theory that PS3 owners dont buy PS3 exclusives...tsk tsk....

Fat Bastard3575d ago

Jsquared, suck my balls you little bot. I've heard they taste quite good :)

tonynibbles3575d ago

For the record, Kaz Hirai announced that 1.3 million unique users were playing LBP online worldwide. Watch the video, he never said sales. And that was over three weeks ago. So the game has definitely sold well over 1.3 million copies, 2 million isn't entirely unfeasable,certainly not for shipped units. VGchartz is a bit of a hype-Market for stats though.

Prototype3574d ago

It's one of those games that reminds people that imagination = fun. And for the record I will say every time I go into a gaming store I might see 1 or 2 copies on the resale shelf (if even that), which makes me happy because people bought the game and KEPT IT not sell it the next day.

Microsoft can go all day about 5+ million sales but how many people within 30 days trade it in? The point is KEEPING the game which tells developers the game is worth keeping which can either get add-on's/DLC or sequels.

Argue "But it has to add content to keep people playing" yet "Certain" people get quiet when some games get DLC which adds a whole 5 more min of play time.

pain777pas3574d ago

This is good to see seriously I'm really happy. Funny thing is it will continue to sell. It's the PS3s WII sports.

king dong3574d ago

but i wonder just how many of you lot would be saying congratulations if gears2 or halo3s sales figures were posted???

and, lord of balrogs asks a legit question, and receives nearly 20 so is vgchartz credible now? can someone answer and not just disagree please!

read disc error3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

If vgchartz numbers are positive for the PS3 then they are dead on and we ignore NPD (who incidentally have much lower LBP sales numbers in North America than VGchartz does.)

However, if Vgchartz has numbers that are in the 360's favor then feel free to type, "omg, vgchartz. no credibility. lol wait for NPD numbers"

JHUX3574d ago

It is a great game, no matter what the sales are.

And for VGChartz, it is pretty funny to watch on this website, basically it is not credible unless it favors your console of choice.
In this case SONY fans are ignoring that the source is VGChartz, in other cases it will be the 360 fans who decide VGChartz is a credible site.

Tru_Ray3574d ago

Anyone that has played this game knows that it is freaking awesome.
Every time you login you are treated to new experiences. It currently has over 300,000 levels!
Anybody that hates on this game is a fvcking short-sighted idiot. The reason why it hasn't sold more is because it deviates from the norm (we are currently in the midst of a "bang-bang, you're dead, repeat X 1000, hooray!, you got owned" video gaming culture) and some people are skittish about it. 2 mil in sales for a new IP is excellent in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

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dustgavin3575d ago

Yep. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts was a flop.

ultimolu3575d ago

Your comments are a flop.

snipermk03575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

you're talking about Too Human, Banjo and pazooi right?

EDIT: Pls bubble me up. Fanboy vengeance got to me! :(

NegativeCreep4273575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

which means to the Xbots,

T!ts and A$$ = Flop

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thereapersson3575d ago

Congratulations, MM!

I thought this game flopped? All the fanboys were telling me so!


Panthers3575d ago

LBP flopped, KZ2 is a flop, BluRay is dead.

Just move on already.

dustgavin3575d ago

Allow me to correct you.

Hd-dvd was a flop.

InMyOpinion3575d ago

It's nowhere near a flop! It's almost caught up with Fable II by now.

callahan093575d ago

Indeed, Jenzo! Fable 2 & LittleBigPlanet were both among the best games of 2008 and this generation so far, and I'm glad to see both having great sales success as well.

jaysquared3575d ago

And everybody thought this was suppose to be the next Mario/Youtube etc etc.. It was suppose to sell 2 million in its first day! And how long did it take now?

Kyur4ThePain3575d ago

You know you just took the wind right out of his sail, don't you?

snaz273575d ago

like the article says 2 million copies! hardly a flop my friend by any means and still selling. I myself have benn meaning to get this game for sometime and i just think im gonna have to lol. kz2 best selling game on amazon!=flop? lol... and how you can come out with blu-rays dead when the hd-dvd is long since buried is beyond me lmao... I do think the blu-ray will replace dvds eventually its like any new format when its released its stupidly exspensive but over time comes down in price and takes over... its inevitable!

lordgodalming3575d ago

I regret that I have but one +bub to give you for that comment. Thanks for adding to the civility of N4g.

Back on topic, LBP just keeps getting better. Finally shelled out for the MGS4 level pack today. Love it.

cayal3574d ago

"And everybody thought this was suppose to be the next Mario/Youtube etc etc.. It was suppose to sell 2 million in its first day! And how long did it take now?"

Jealous much?

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lokiroo4203575d ago

Sackboy growing into a sackmonster!

DutyCalls3574d ago

LBP is very special and unique game.
thanks Media Molecule and Sony for supporting this new IP