TigerDirect CEO Gilbert Fiorentino Talks About EVGA Situation

GamingShogun writes, "Two days ago, we got tipped off that was no longer carrying EVGA products on their website. In addition, when searching for 'EVGA', you would be redirected as if you searched for 'XFX' (an EVGA rival). This led to all kinds of speculation as to what had happened between the two entitites to cause this to occur. Today, we received an official statement from TigerDirect CEO Gilbert Fiorentino about what went down..."

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likedamaster3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Darn! That's where I get all my EVGA cards from. Plus they have a local store over in Raleigh I can ride up to, not anymore.

Graphics Whore3573d ago

Damn, EVGA's trade-in plan is unbeatable this sucks.