Iwata: Wii can pass install base of PS2, E3 2009 software shown will help to achieve goal

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has stated that the Wii has been selling at an industry record pace and that the Wii can "exceed the final install base of PS2." He additionally said that software shown at E3 2009 in June will help Nintendo achieve their goal.

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Huh3550d ago

announce a new zelda plz

eagle213550d ago

I love ninty, BUT if the ps2 keeps the current 8m-10m sold/yr. it's impossible for Wii to top it. Sony can go $99 on ps2 anytime.

pav23233550d ago

It did not turn out to be a $250.00 bowling machine (to me anyway). Don't get me wrong, bowling was amazing on the Wii, but I could not get into any of the other games besides Mario Galaxy. I think people will start to see the fad, and we will start to see sales dropping. Nintendo better start pumping out some titles to keep current owners happy and future owners interested. As far as surpassing PS2 sales, it could happen if they start releasing great titles like the PS2 has.

cmrbe3550d ago

Tennis for me. I can't get into the other sports like Baseball,golf and boxing. The controls are really bad for boxing especially.

kazuma3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

it's coming, e3 or gdc, can't wait

Voiceofreason3550d ago

@ Pav. Please stop claiming to be a Wii owner. you do not own one and it is obvious. Nobody buys a console that doesnt already know what games are out or coming out that they are interested in. I am sure if this was a PS3 article you would name off plenty of titles that you are waiting for. Yet according to you the only thing worth playing on Wii is SMG and that's 2 years old. Do you really think you are fooling anyone?

Oh and PS2 quality? YOu mean games like Rugrats? Which BTW outsold God of War 2 by an extremely large margin. What about Blues CLues? Do you really consider that a "quality" title?

You will not sway anyone by claiming to own a console that you do not or trashing a console you do not own and acting like you do in order to make your lame points seem valid. I bet if I sat here and asked some questions on SMG that wouldnt be found online you would be completely lost as to what the answer was.

pav23233550d ago

I don't own one. Read my post. And while we are at it lets go ahead and expose me fully. I don't own a PS3, 360, PSP, DS, Gamecube, 2 gameboy advance, a car, a house, a HDTV, a dog, a guitar, a bass guitar, a refrigerator, an extremely nerdy gaming chair. Man you got me, I have nothing, and have never had anything, and will never own anything. And to be honest, The Conduit looks promising.

Smacktard3550d ago

YEP THERE IT IS. Leave it to an Xbox/PS3 owner to state that the only good-looking upcoming game on the Wii is the most generic-looking FPS one with the best graphics.

How predictable.

Why not acquire a taste in video games, or something? Or if you have this, do some research! Games like Kizuna and Muramasa are not getting enough attention cause the try to do something besides shoostan. But that is what makes them interesting! I'll get my generic shootan fix on the PC.

As for the news story, I expect this to mean "more casual stuff at next E3." Face it, there's more non-gamers to convert out there than there are gamers who don't own a Wii. Iwata, have you not learned?

Mini Mario3550d ago

"I don't own one. Read my post. And while we are at it lets go ahead and expose me fully. I don't own a PS3, 360, PSP, DS, Gamecube, 2 gameboy advance, a car, a house, a HDTV, a dog, a guitar, a bass guitar, a refrigerator, an extremely nerdy gaming chair"

Well at least u own a pc.

N4g_null3549d ago

pav2323 the better question is why have you not bought the good games on the Wii. You sound like the owner of a straight drive transmission car who only knows about reverse.

I mean really as a gamer why can you only play bowling? I mean there is a lot of games to try out. So what did you not like about these games that you tried on the Wii? It is a lot easier to act like a Wii owner but if you can tell me what you do not like about the good games I would be interested to hear this because games pay my bills after all.

Seriously you can send it to me via PM if you want.

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Gr813550d ago

Facts such as Wii tracking higher than either the PS2 or The DS (Which will outsell the ps2) I'd say this is most certainly a possibility and depending on economic conditions, it will soon become an inevitabilty.

LastDance3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

atleast people played the ps2 when they bought it.

Edit: your right man... sorry.

ps. lame nintendo jokes ARENT cool. fyi

Professor PGX3550d ago

Wii does get played more so than your precious PS3 which is used mostly for internet and bluray. the stats showed that the PS3 is used for internet more than Wii, so somebody's not playing games, they surfing. And PS3 games aren't selling like the Wii or 360. Those game are Flopping like a Goldeen on smash bros.

Product3550d ago

I didnt play mine more then 8 months that crap broke.

Mini Mario3550d ago

"atleast people played the ps2 when they bought it."

How can u presume such a huge statement. Saying no one plays the wii because "u think" so is InSaNE.

Have u met 45 million wii owners>>?

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3550d ago

Ever gonna happen because its plenty of ps360 fans who will never own a wii

BrotherNick3550d ago

Maybe the ones without girlfriends or family.

FinalomegaS3550d ago

The Wii needs the HD console users to reach the PS2 sales???

Man to think it's going for 3 years and it has a small handful of games that are good and finally games will be coming but it's sold so well.

PS: If you are going to believe it can't then that's your own imagination but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is no fool and he can be a force to be recon with. He must know things that people outside his bubble doesn't and for sure he knows the cries of the core gamers saying Nintendo abandoned them. He won't give up on us!

silvacrest3550d ago

Wii fanboys are touchy (yeah i no the same can be said for 360/ps3)

and @ BrotherNick, your generalizations are just stupid

Mini Mario3550d ago

"Ever gonna happen because its plenty of ps360 fans who will never own a wii "

I know many ppl who are wii60 owners. I love these ppl who "ASSUME" so much but know so little. U might know ppl that wouldnt, but i know alot who do.

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