Gamezine Review: The Last Remnant

Chris Capel at Gamezine: "A new Square-Enix RPG is usually something to be excited about, but it seems someone forgot to tell the developer that.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had to fight my own instincts to try and enjoy a game. What happened to compelling storylines? Wonderful battles? Fantastic and interesting characters? Humour? Framerate?"

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Pennywise3546d ago

:-| geez... SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on with you guys?

GiantEnemyCrab3546d ago

What a shame. Here MS was hoping that Squares RPG legacy would help the 360 but really all it's done is hurt the image of JRPG with western audiences and has made 360 owners leary of buying a JRPG on the console. Nice job SE/Tri-Ace. I really hope all is redeemed with Star Ocean 4 and ToV certainly helped. If SO4 bombs I think MS need to get away from these stuck in the past JRPG developers.

NaiNaiNai3546d ago

SO 4 is what im waiting on, to tell the truth, theres been very few good JRPGs this gen. but i still giving SE a chance, they've release poor new IPS before so its not really a suprise. with the companys flag ships coming up *star ocean 4, FF13/versus* they should get the gamers trust back real easy.

Tony P3546d ago

I'm almost willing to let the whole cliche story thing slide. I find the same in nearly every JRPG I've ever played. Also, why hate on textual dialogue? Are we too good to read words in RPGs all of a sudden?

But everything else in the review sounds fairly abysmal. I read an article about an enhanced PC version so I wonder if the presentation will improve on a different platform.

NaiNaiNai3546d ago

my only problem was frame rate. if it didn't have that i would have loved it.

techie3545d ago

Second opinion isn't so down on it. Gave it 6.5