UFO: Afterlight - 2 years old, but still getting patches

From Gamertell:

"Patch 1.7 for UFO: Afterlight has been released, thanks to 1C Publishing EU, ALTAR games, IDEA Games and some especially helpful UFO: Afterlight fans and community members.

The patch can be downloaded from the official UFO: Afterlight website. It is a 14.1mb download that will work with all copies of the game. Probably the most important thing to know about this patch, and any other patch above 1.5, is that it is strongly recommended that you start a brand new game of UFO: Afterlight once you apply it."

The patch also includes support for more languages, a Localization Pack Manager, feedback improvements and fixed bugs.

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Crueltylizer3551d ago

Thats one dedicated team! :)