Wii May See a Price Cut In April

One day after Nintendo cut it's estimated net profits by 12% for the year 2009, talk is beginning to circulate amongst industry insiders and analysts that the Wii may see a price cut around April of this year. Predicted price cuts for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were factors in Nintendo's estimated 12% net profits loss. Leading some analysts to speculate that the Wii could possibly see a small price cut of its own in April which just happens to coincide with the predicted Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts.

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Crueltylizer3641d ago

That would be great. Not that the Wii isn't cool, but the price compared to an Xbox 360 is just to high.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago

or the 360 is to low =D ?! XD

April fools coming?!

Nintendo isn't seeing a reason to drop the price since the demand is still going. Price drops are only made if demand goes down.

StoneySweatLeafs3641d ago

Read the article man. Nintendo cut its net profit predictions by 12% partially due to a lessen in demand for the Wii.

Product3641d ago

if you read other articles you would see the reason for lower expectations is because of the japanese market and how its hard to hold thier interest.these new figures are worries about the east not west.

FarEastOrient3641d ago

Wii is worried about the PS3 Final Fantasy wave coming and its going to start with the FFVII Advent Children Collectors Editions coming out. Can a BD movie sell systems, so far it looks it is because from the stores I've walked too they are saying that they are already sold out of FFVII PS3 systems.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago


And sony is afraid of the Dragon quest wave?
Seriously...Nintendo is not scared they are so confident that they can make a wrong step anytime now.

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StoneySweatLeafs3641d ago

It would be a smart move by Nintendo just to stay ahead of the curve. Personally I think the Wii is just a giant turd. I prefer my Gamecube still.

Product3641d ago

how do you think the wii is a turd when it plays every gamecube game made plus more?

omodis4203641d ago

All the Wii has is shovel-ware. Yea you can play Gamecube games but the Wii only has 3 good games.

callahan093641d ago

Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Paper Mario, De Blob, Boom Blox, No More Heroes, oops I already named more than 3. Damn. Better stop.

Danja3641d ago

ppl need to stop about all the Wii has is shovel ware obviously you dont own one , cuz as is mentioned above it has alot of great there line-up this year is looking really good..

tnkGODimATHEIST3641d ago

LOL Half of those had Mario on the title how sad...

callahan093641d ago

@ Atheist:

Since when is 2 out of 7 equal to half?

callahan093640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

The person who disagreed with my above comment is the most ridiculous person on the planet. 2 out of 7 is not 50% any way you slice it. This site amazes me sometimes. Clearly facts and logic are unimportant to most people here, eh?

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LinuxGuru3641d ago

Oh comes another 50 million purchases and more waves of shovelware.

BrotherNick3641d ago

Yeah, if only the other consoles could sell that many. I think the main problem is the other consoles don't have ANY games for people who don't play a lot of games. The PS2 at least had some games for everyone, and that's why it sold a lot. The wii is selling at the same market that is buying the ps2 at this moment, but it's even more intuitive than the past or present generation controllers. Rock Band and Singstar/Lips is not enough.

LinuxGuru3641d ago

Your generalization is incorrect. There are plenty of casual games on the PS3 and 360.

Product3641d ago

but what non gamers are buying them?

BrotherNick3641d ago

What is your consideration of casual? The main problem is that the other consoles don't ever focus that they have games for other people. I didn't even know till I looked. Plus most non-gamers like watching your games, but they are too complicated. It's like linux, not user friendly, unless you practice a lot.

Ratchet_Co3641d ago

Yeah because everyone loves Carnival mini games on Wii /sarcasm

The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 also have casual games as well. Take LittleBigPlanet for example, its sold over 2 million I can't imagine that all of them of are hardcore gamers.

BattleAxe3641d ago

@ Ratchet, the only problem I think a casual gamer would have with LBP is the $60 price tag for the game. Casual gamers don't spend money on games like us Hard Core types :)

N4360G3641d ago

LOL so true.I will never buy a Nintendo Wii,my PS3 keeps me happy enough!!

AuToFiRE3641d ago

All the shovelware on the wii is reminding me about the original days of gaming before the gaming slump

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LinuxGuru3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Regardless, your generalization is incorrect, despite any arguments you throw back at me.

Also, Linux has made huge leaps and strides towards user-friendliness. Don't drag that into this.

*at below

Thanks, now bugger off.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago

" Linux has made huge leaps and strides towards user-friendliness"

Yes but also is it lacking sh/tloads.
( i have Ubuntu-studio-gnome, i know what im talking about)

BrotherNick3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I am incorrect, although the numbers prove me right and you wrong. I must be an idiot who doesn't use any sort of data and uses opinions to prove everything I say is correct and unchanging. That must be what I am.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago

Linux is kinda great, even if you are windows user.
There are bootable CD's that will load in to your ram and like that you will have a interface that can access your harddrive if windows is totally kaput

BrotherNick3641d ago

I know, Live CDs. :D I'm just messing with Linux and his retarded trolling ways. It's amazing that someone with as much knowledge about linux doesn't see that the other consoles aren't marketing towards everyone else. I am like going to have to throw rocks at you or something.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago

I want some rocks too, can i finish the fight?

LinuxGuru3641d ago

Retarded trolling?

The games are THERE, whether there is marketing for them or NOT.

Now what were you saying about no casual games on anything but the Wii?

I don't give a rat's ass about your numbers, what matters is that the games are THERE. They EXIST, and they can be PLAYED and ENJOYED by casual gamers.

Yeah so Nintendo does a better marketing job. So what? That doesn't all of a sudden negate the existence of casual games on other platforms.

GiantEnemyCrab3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

" It's amazing that someone with as much knowledge about linux doesn't see that the other consoles aren't marketing towards everyone else."

BrotherNick I disagree. The NXE says hello and the casual market is a big motivator for it along with the packins of family games like Kung-Fu Panda and Lego Star Wars. The "family friendly" price of $199 mentioned in every commercial showing the family or group of friends gathered around a 360 is another push twords casual. Even the PS3 has LBP and some casual PSN games.

If anything the 360 is pushing twords "everyone else" it's just that everyone else has a Wii and being the casual gamers they are, that is all they need.

Product3641d ago

So let me get this straight
"Oh comes another 50 million purchases and more waves of shovelware."
You making fun of casual games

" don't give a rat's ass about your numbers, what matters is that the games are THERE. They EXIST, and they can be PLAYED and ENJOYED by casual gamers"

Now your ok with them casual games?

Funny how you make fun of casual games on wii yet have an open mind about casual games on ps3/360
like you said
Your generalization is incorrect

LinuxGuru3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

LOL it was fun, editing this post now...

Product3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Before he edit it
"You cant say "you are a retarded"LOL."

Product3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Just joshing Linuxguru.

kewlkat0073641d ago


Right now Sony is not targeting Casuals with the PS3. The fan-base shows this and the type of games and the sales of them games, granted LBP is casual enough and is doing well. It could be doing a lot better but the PS3's price is not at the most casual gamer's radar.

A lot of Hardcore Gamers and Movie buffs are buying the PS3 morso then casuals.

Again I wonder what games your talking about? R&C? Arcade games? Just look at PS2's library and you'll see casual games, a lot which is shovel ware as well. Believe it or not Casual market is what makes most console successful in the long run.

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